A list of quotes from Zany to the Max.

Episode 1Edit


Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Pinky: I think so, Brain, but how will we get Wakko's ha'penny back?

Wakko's HatEdit

Yakko: Buttons, you only said we couldn't cause mischief, right?

Buttons: That's right.

Yakko: So what would happen if someone stole Wakko's hat?

Buttons: Why are you asking?

Yakko: Because someone did.

Buttons: Did what?

Yakko: Stole Wakko's hat!

The Blue DotEdit

Wakko: Well, that was unexpected.

Dot: You like that surprise? Well, I've got lots up them up my sleeve!

Wakko: What are you talking about? You don't have sleeves!

Dot: That's what you think!

Episode 2Edit

Invasion of the Brain SwappersEdit

Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Pinky: I think so, Brain, but this time, I'll eat the box.

The Separation of ZakKoEdit

Minerva: Do you like it?

Ko: Actually, we LOVE it!

Minerva: I had a feeling that was coming.

Yakko: We need to re-conjoin them! And I know just how to do so.

Episode 3Edit

Little Red Riding MindyEdit

Buttons: That's not your grandma! That's a wolf!

Mindy (to Walter Wolf): Okay, I love you, bye-bye!

Rita and the Three WarnersEdit

Yakko: Someone's been sleeping in my bed!

Wakko: Someone's been sleeping in my bed!

Dot: Someone's been sleeping in my bed, and it's a cat!

Runt: A cat? A cat? Where's the cat? (spins around looking for a cat) Where's the furry feline? I'll chop him to bits!

Yakko: Now there is a dumb dog.

Episode 4Edit

Kat the Cat: The BeginningEdit

Makko: And at least once an episode, Narf the Mouse would show up to deliver his catchphrase.

Narf the Mouse: Narf!

The Return of BaloneyEdit

All 8 Warners (simultaneously): The Anvil Song!

(music starts)

Yakko: An anvil's black and shiny.

Dot: It's very heavy too!

Wakko: So watch out, my chubby friend...

Zak: Or one will fall on you!

Pakko: It's made of solid iron.

Jot: It weighs a ton or two!

Makko: We know you'd like to meet it.

Ko: It wants to meet you too!

(An anvil falls on Baloney's head.)

The Three Little Toons and the Big Bad ZakKoEdit

ZakKo (simultaneously): Little toons, little toons, let us in!

Yakko and Wakko (simultaneously): Not by the hair of our chinny-chin-chin!

ZakKo (simultaneously): Not by the hair of your chinny-chin-chin? Then we'll huff and we'll puff and we'll blow your house in!

Episode 5Edit

Kat the Cat: The ShoeEdit

Yakko: Don't worry. We'll find your shoe.

Narf the Mouse: Narf!


Wakko: I'm out of anvils.

Yakko: Try this washtub, then.

Yakko: Will someone stop this man from yelling "baloney?"

Episode 6Edit

Wakko and the FoxEdit

Yakko: Just then, the fox heard Wakko say:

Wakko: Hello, Nurse!

Yakko: The fox looked up, and Wakko left, but things would soon get worse.

Yakko JacksEdit

Yakko: Every time you pour a bowl of Yakko Jacks cereal, sweet SkinnyMon races to you...

SkinnyMon: Show time!

Yakko: ...but Dapple the apple is trying to get there first.

Dapple: Stay out of my Yakko Jacks, SkinnyMon!

The Rule of DivisibilityEdit

Yakko (singing): To see if a number's divisible by 2, you just look at the ones place and then
if it's 2, 6, 8, 0, or 4, then it works, so it works for 110.
To see if a number's divisible by 3, just keep adding the digits and then
if it's 3, 6, or 9, then it works, so it works for the number 210.
Finding divisiblity rules is as simple as 1, 2, and 3,
And 4 is a little bit trickier, so how do you do it? Well, we will now see!

Episode 7Edit

Kat the Cat: The CalculatorEdit

Kat the Cat: Can you find out what's up with this calculator? It keeps squirting water at me!

The Return of Hercule YakkoEdit

Yakko (upon finding Skippy): Aha! 

Slappy: What?

Yakko: He was under your bed the whole time!


Brain: There he is! Get him!

(The Pinky clones attack Pinky.)

Brain: No, not him! (points to Pakko) Him!

Episode 8Edit

Jottie and the BrainEdit

Brain: I have constructed this formula to make anyone who drinks it 260 times their original size! With it, I will become 65 feet tall and make everyone very much afraid of me, and when they hide in the caves, I will be in control!

Mindy and HobbesEdit

Mindy's Mom: ZakKo! I told you two not to dig holes inside the doghouse! Bad...bad...whatever you are. What are you, anyway?

Ko: Incredibly cute! Either that, or infested with fleas. I don't remember which one.

Buttons: So far, this is my favorite episode.


Slappy: Another one of these things?! Where's Skippy?

Narf the Mouse: Narf!

Runt and ButtonsEdit

Runt: So, Buttons, when do you think we'll find a home?

Buttons: I have no idea.

Episode 9Edit

Seeing RedEdit

Yakko: OK, I have a new plan: RUN!

Class AnticsEdit

Miss Flamiel: ZakKo, can you divide?

Zak: I don't know if we can. We've been like this as far as we can remember, right, Ko?

Ko: Right! And besides, it's very hard for us to separate.

Kat the Cat: The TwinEdit

Yakko: Let me get this straight. You're quadruplets, right?

Kat the Cat: Right.

Yakko: And you're Siamese cats, right?

Kate the Cat: Right.

Yakko: And you all used to be conjoined, right?

Katie the Cat: Right.

Yakko: So I guess that makes you Siamese quadruplets!

Jessica the Cat: We already know that. Together, we're the Siamese Quadruplets!

Yakko: And your individual names are Kat, Kate, Katie, and Jessica. What's up with that?

Episode 10Edit

Buttons on the BeachEdit

Yakko: Look, lady, we want to take Mindy along with us! We'll only be an hour or so!

Mindy's Mom: You do know you're the reason why Mindy calls me "Lady," right?

Wakko: We are?

Mindy: Hi, Lady.

Hair Today, Gone TomorrowEdit

Dr. Scratchansniff: Okay, now, Jot, let's do a little word association. I'll say a word, and you say any word that you think of, okay?

Jot: Okay.

Dr. Scratchansniff: Good. Now let me think here...Ah! Hello.

Jot: Nurse!

Schnitzelbank 2.0Edit

Makko: Ist das nicht ein Kat the Cat?

Pakko: Ja, das ist ein Kat the Cat!

Makko: Ist she wearing Wakko's hat?

Pakko: Ja, she's wearing Wakko's hat!

Episode 11Edit

Kat the Cat: The TowerEdit

Kat the Cat: Just look at that tower! It's 500 feet tall with a diving board on top!

Yakko: Were you expecting it to be 526 feet tall with a diving board on top?

Conjoin the Warner BrothersEdit

(Yakko picks up a wishing stone.)

Yakko: I wish I could join with Wakko.

(Yakko and Wakko wake up conjoined the next morning.)

Episode 12Edit

The Time Travel ContestEdit

Wakko: Yakko, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Yakko: I think so, Wakko, but if Coach Nurse was around, wouldn't Makko be a square?

News Reporter: We just got reports of three super-powered sisters from the city of Townsville, Animenia, in the Warner Bros. studio. 

Yakko: Super-powered sisters? Townsville, Animenia? Yes! Come, Warners. We must prepare for tomorrow. 

Wakko: Why, Yakko? What are we going to do tomorrow? 

Yakko: The same thing we do every day, Wakko. Unfortunately, I have no idea what that is. 

Pinky and the Brain: They're zany, and they're the Warners, eight, eight, eight, eight, eight.

Episode 13Edit

A Game of Cat and MouseEdit

Rita: All right, mouse, here I come!

Pinky: Something tells me I was better off with Pharfignewton.

Pool PartyEdit

Wakko: I've looked everywhere, but I just don't see Coach Nurse! Yakko, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Yakko: I think so, Wakko, but I prefer the Shovel Harmonica.

Episode 14Edit

Pain of GlassEdit

Dot: Why do we always come across these situations?

Wakko: I have no idea. This glass is too much to handle.

Slap Happy SlappyEdit

Slappy: The old dynamite in the xylophone trick. That's the second time it's been pulled on me this year.

Skippy: Did you just pull a Maxwell Smart?

The Warnerpuff ToonsEdit

Brain: Now, Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Pinky: I think so, Brain, but why would anyone think of hiding a phone in their shoe?