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A list of episodes appearing in hr's Animaniacs fan series Zany to the Max.

Season 1[]

# Title Summary Title Card
1a WakDot Brain invents a device that can conjoin people. He uses it on Wakko and Dot. ZakKo make their first appearance in this episode. WakDot
1b Wakko's Hat Slappy has to run an errand before she can take Skippy, Yakko, Wakko, ZakKo, and Dot to the waterpark. She has Buttons look after Skippy and the Warners. Unfortunately, a giant monster steals Wakko's hat. Buttons talks in this episode. Wakko's Hat
1c The Blue Dot A short story where Yakko is painting a wall blue, but accidentally spills the paint on Dot. This episode suggests that Dot wears a black shirt and is the first appearance of Pakko, Makko, and Jot. The Blue Dot
2a Invasion of the Brain Swappers When Brain swaps the minds of Wakko, ZakKo, Pakko, Makko, Dot, and Jot, it's up to Yakko to figure out who's who and swap them back.  
2b The Separation of ZakKo Set in a Wakko's Wish universe, ZakKo find out that Minerva Mink is selling wishing stones. They each buy one and use them to separate. They become conjoined again by the end of the episode.
2c Yakko's World 2.0 Yakko sings the nations of the world again, only updated this time.
3a Brainstem Brain sings the parts of the brain to the tune of "Camptown Races." This episode was originally part of Pinky and the Brain.
3b Little Red Riding Mindy Mindy needs to take a pie to her grandma's house (with Buttons making sure she's safe). However, Mindy gets distracted by Slappy and Skippy, who end up leading her to her grandma's house! Walter Wolf also makes an appearance in this episode.
3c Rita and the Three Warners In their quest for a home, Rita and Runt come across the water tower where the Warners live. Rita checks the tower to see if anyone lives there. When Yakko, Wakko, and Dot return home, they find that having Rita there is a pleasant surprise! Unfortunately, Rita seems to be causing trouble, so Rita and Runt's search for a home continues.
4a Kat the Cat: The Beginning Makko Warner answers an email that asks him what a crazy cartoon made by him would look like. He comes up with Kat the Cat, who jumps off the page with her friends: Doug the Dog, Min the Mink, Shirley the Squirrel, Bonnie Rabbit, Drake the Duck, and Narf the Mouse (who only says his name).
4b The Return of Baloney Yakko, Wakko, and Dot find themselves on the set of Baloney and Kids again, and this time, ZakKo, Pakko, Makko, and Jot are with them. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, having encountered Baloney before, are fine with him, but ZakKo, Pakko, Makko, and Jot are thinking otherwise.
4c The Three Little Toons and the Big Bad ZakKo A parody of The Three Little Pigs with Yakko, Wakko, and Dot substituting for the pigs and ZakKo as the wolf (well, a two-headed wolf).
5a Kat the Cat: The Shoe Yakko, Wakko, and Dot try to help Narf the Mouse find his missing shoe.
5b AnimeNiacs Yakko becomes king of Animenia when Baloney appears.
5c I am the Very Model of a Cartoon Individual Yakko sings the ending song of the canon episode "H.M.S. Yakko." It should be noted that it is re-animated for this episode. Baloney is shown instead of Captain Mel, and ZakKo, Pakko, Makko, and Jot appear.
6a Wakko and the Fox Yakko recites a poem about Wakko running from a fox.
6b Yakko Jacks A parody of Apple Jacks commercials.
6c The Rule of Divisibility Yakko sings the divisibility rules for the numbers 2 through 12 to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance.
6d Good Idea, Bad Idea: Chili Dog

Good idea: Getting a chili dog at a restaurant.

Bad idea: Getting a chilly dog at a pet store.

7a Kat the Cat: The Calculator Kat the Cat discovers a squirting calculator and asks Yakko, Wakko, and Dot what's up with it.
7b All the Words in the English Language (Part 1) A returning scene in which Yakko sings all the words in the English language to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance.
7c The Return of Hercule Yakko When Skippy goes missing, it's up to Hercule Yakko to find him.
7d All the Words in the English Language (Part 2) See 7b for information.
7e Pakko-Man Pakko finds himself getting chased by Pinky, Brain, and 2 other mice. This is a parody of Pac-Man.
7f All the Words in the English Language (Part 3) See 7b for information.
7g Good Idea, Bad Idea: Going Swimming

Good idea: Going swimming in the summer.

Bad idea: Going swimming in the winter.

8a More Animaniacs Stew, Anyone? The Warners are cooking up Animaniacs stew again.
8b Jottie and the Brain Brain, with Jot's help, tries to take over the world by means of a drink that makes whoever drinks it get bigger. This episode indicates that Brain is 3 inches tall.
8c Dottie the Squirrel A returning scene from the first Animaniacs Stew episode. Dot, in Slappy's place, throws a bomb at the camera.
8d Mindy and Hobbes Mindy chases a bouncy toy tiger, and ZakKo (in place of Buttons) have to rescue her. Buttons says this is his favorite episode.
8e KatDoug Yakko, Wakko, Slappy (in place of Dot), Kat the Cat, and Doug the Dog (the latter two in place of ZakKo) have to rescue Pinky from Rita.
8f Runt and Buttons Runt and Buttons (in place of Rita) are searching for a home, and find a home with Minerva Mink. Unfortunately, they are soon kicked out.
8g Good Idea, Bad Idea: Ordering Pizza

Good idea: Ordering a pizza.

Bad idea: Trying to order a pizza to march.

9a Seeing Red A bull enters the studio and starts chasing the Warners.
9b Class Antics Plotz finds out about ZakKo, Pakko, Makko, and Jot, and sends them to the classroom with their cousins. Unfortunately, they drive Miss Flamiel crazy.
9c Kat the Cat: The Twin Kat the Cat and her twin sister Kate become joined together, and it's up to Yakko, Wakko, and Dot to separate them. First appearance of Kat's sisters: Kate, Katie, and Jessica.
10a Buttons on the Beach The Warners take Mindy and Buttons to the beach. This episode explains why Mindy calls her mother "Lady."
10b Cheese Roll Call Pinky sings about cheese. This episode was originally part of Pinky and the Brain.
10c Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Hair restorer gets poured on Dr. Scratchansniff's head, restoring his hair. Unfortunately, he pulls it out again while he deals with ZakKo, Pakko, Makko, and Jot.
10d Schnitzelbank 2.0 Yakko, Wakko, and Dot teach Schnitzelbank (which they still refer to as the "international friendship song") to their cousins. Kat the Cat, Doug the Dog, and Min the Mink appear in this episode.
11a Kat the Cat: The Tower Doug the Dog, Shirley the Squirrel, and Bonnie Rabbit are building a 500-foot-tall tower next to the swimming pool. Kat the Cat doesn't like this, and wants Yakko, Wakko, and Dot to make them stop.
11b Conjoin the Warner Brothers Yakko and Wakko become conjoined accidentally.


11c The Kid in the Lid Returns A sequel to "The Kid in the Lid" and a parody of The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.
12a The Time Travel Contest Animaniacs  crosses over with The Time Machine in this special episode.
12b When You're Traveling Yakko sings about time. This is a returning skit.
13a A Game of Cat and Mouse Rita interrupts one of Brain's plans to take over the world.
13b Pool Party The Warners invite some characters to a pool party with help from the viewer. This is the first interactive episode of the series.
13c Good Idea, Bad Idea: Three Strikes

Good idea: Getting three strikes in bowling.

Bad idea: Getting three strikes in baseball.

13d All the Words in the English Language: Part 2½ Never-before-seen footage of Yakko at the S's as he tries to sing all the words in the English language.
14a Mime Time: Anvil Dropping The Mime drops an imaginary anvil, then a real one falls on him.
14b Pain of Glass Yakko, Wakko, and Dot have to carry a sheet of glass to the Warner Bros. studio while crossing busy streets.
14c Slap Happy Slappy Slappy is being chased by Doug the Dog while she tries to get some walnuts from his tree.
14d The Warnerpuff Toons Yakko, Wakko, and Dot star in a parody of The Powerpuff Girls, as superheroes with rock-paper-scissors themed powers. Pinky and the Brain also star in this episode. First appearance and only Season 1 appearance of Takko, Jakko, and Zot.
15 Toon Story The Warners star in a parody of Toy Story. Baloney and Illogica Safe appear in this episode.
16 Email Day The Warners check their emails. This episode parodies the Strong Bad Emails from Homestar Runner.
16a Video Games Yakko is asked what he and his siblings would be like in a video game.
16b Fan Club Wakko is asked if he and his siblings have a fan club.
16c Educational Song Dot is asked why she never did an educational song.
17a There's Baloney in Our Slacks! Baloney appears in the water tower, and the Warners cannot reach their anvil supply. The title is based on a line from the theme song.
17b Good Idea, Bad Idea: Tossing a Salad

Good idea: Tossing a salad.

Bad idea: Tossing a salad to the person next to you.

17c Kat the Cat: The Speck Kat the Cat discovers a speck full of creatures called Whats, but the others do not believe her, except for Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. This is a parody of Horton Hears a Who!.
17d Thy Dungeon-Warners A parody of the Thy Dungeonman games from Homestar Runner.
18 A Wacky Adventure The Warners follow Bugs Bunny through one of his tunnels and end up in Wackyland. Gogo Dodo stars in this episode.
19 Tiny, But Not Toony Pinky and the Brain try to take over the world by removing the tooniness from cartoon characters, but the Warners are on to their plan. The title is based on the first four words of the Tiny Toons theme song. The episode itself is based on the Tiny Toons episode "Washingtoon."
20a Dot the Macadamia Nut A re-animated version of the canon episode of the same name. Now features the Kat Krew, the Siamese Quadruplets, and the Warner cousins, as well as Elmyra and Gogo Dodo.
20b Return of the Boomerang Wakko throws a boomerang and tries to find a way to pass the time as he waits for it.
20c Davy Omelette Chicken Boo poses as the great frontiersman Davy Omelette. This is a returning skit.
20d 10 Short Films About Wakko Warner A returning skit where we see 10 short films about Wakko.
21a Katie at the Bat A parody of the poem "Casey at the Bat," starring Katie the Cat.
21b Miniature Goof The Warners go to a miniature golf course. The title is the same as the third segment of the Tiny Toons episode "The Wacko World of Sports."
21c The Toonathlon! The Warners have an Olympic-style competition.
22a Jot-Star Warner! Jot is a superhero whose name parodies Homestar Runner.
22b The Monkey Song This is a returning song from the canon of Animaniacs. Dr. Scratchansniff sings about the Warners.
22c Home At Last Rita and Runt find a home at last: with the Warners!
22d The Animaniacs Suite: Part 2 To celebrate the season finale, the Warners present clips from the previous 21 episodes. It is a sequel to The Animaniacs Suite.

Season 2[]

# Title Summary Title Card
23a Meet Sikko The Warners are given a present from Lon Borax, the animator who created them. The present turns out to be Sikko. The Zarner siblings appear in this episode.
23b Pakko's Project In order to catch Coach Nurse, Pakko suggests digging a pit and filling it with water, with a trail of items leading to it. Unfortunately, the Zarner siblings had the same idea.
23c Makko's Show Makko hosts Let's Take a Deal, a parody of Let's Make a Deal. Guest appearances by Illogica Safe and the Siamese Quadruplets.
23d Sikko's Plan Sikko invites the Zarner siblings and Coach Nurse to a pool party. Guess who doesn't show up.
24a The Warner Song A parody of "Scales and Arpeggios" from The Aristocats.
24b Jot's Chase Jot plays tag with Coach Nurse.
24c ZakKo's Idea

ZakKo create a transporter that they hope will transport Coach Nurse to the water tower.

25 Wakko Takes the Challenge Wakko competes on Take the Challenge!, a game show parodying Poptropica's Reality TV Island. First appearance of the Warnerpuff Sisters.
26a Dot's Machine Dot creates a machine so the second season can have a crossover episode. This episode crosses over with Homestar Runner.
26b Yakko's Survey Yakko wants Coach Nurse to take his survey. This is the season finale and Coach Nurse's first speaking appearance.

Season 3[]

Season 3 consists of entirely crossover episodes.

# Title Summary Title Card
27 Warners, Inc. The Warners are working in a factory involving crossovers. When a cat enters the factory, Sekoila (who debuts in this episode) tries to take advantage of it. This episode is a parody of Monsters, Inc. The Warners sing a parody of the canon song "The Ballad of Magellan" in this episode.
28 Warners University This episode is a parody of Monsters University and the first appearance of Wacka and Wakka MaRakka.
29a How Lucky They Are Makko recalls an incident that happened when the Warners were chasing Coach Nurse. The Cat in the Hat appears and tells the Warners how lucky they are that they're not in extremely unlucky situations. He does so by reciting Dr. Seuss's book Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? to them as they imagine themselves in the situations.
29b Makko Rock Makko falls down a Fraggle hole and tries to get back to the studio.
29c Borfin Blues When the Warners see the Cat in the Hat again, ZakKo find out about the Borfin's purpose and use it to separate. They become conjoined again by the end of the episode.
30a Warners Over Yonder Yakko, Wakko, and Dot discover a portal and meet Wander and Sylvia, helping them stop Dr. Screwball Jones.
30b Jot Runner and Brain E. Coyote

Brain tries to capture Jot to gain her speed. He is helped by Wile E. Coyote in addition to Pinky, but Road Runner is helping Jot by telling her some strategies to use.

Season 4[]

# Title Summary Title card
31a Arcade Game-y! The Warners visit the arcade and try to beat the game Super Warner Bros. (a parody of Super Mario Bros.), but they keep on dying in certain points of their playtime.
31b Calamity 'n' Beeper: Chamele-Coyote Calamity tries to catch Beeper while wearing an ACME Chameleon Suit. First Calamity 'n' Beeper segment.
31c Road Warners Yakko, Wakko, Dot and Jot (labeled "Rapidus Warnericus") star in a Road Runner cartoon where they play the speedy bird, and Pakko (labeled "Famishus canis") is their coyote predator.
32a pot Warner Dot find her long lost brother pot warner
32b yakko makko and dot wakko quits makko replace
32c google Warner Google tacks over the show



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