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Mary Sue Wobrother a Ugly butt Varner/Warner (voiced by Jennifer Stone) is the middle child of the Varner sisters. Her big sister has a pink bow instead of red.


Wokka Warner was born on 1994 in Acme Falls to an unnamed Varner and Anmi. In 1998, her parents passed away. One day, the Varners discovered that their parents had been the king and queen of Varnerstock, making them the heirs to the throne, but they didn’t want to be involved with royalty, but one day, the village was under attack, so they jumped in the back of a nearby truck, later, at a gas station, he went out with his siblings to get them something to eat, then went back to the truck, which eventually lead them to Burbank, California. When they arrived in Burbank, they all had no clue since they were all hiding in a box with top sealed shut with tape, they had unknowingly dove into the back of a mailman’s truck. Coincidentally, the mailman delivered the box with the Varners into a man’s living room. Shortly after, the man took the Varners under his wing, then noticed their talent and asked the manager of Acme Studios to give the Varners their own show, and said that they should be on the channel, the manager agreed and the Varners started filming the next morning. Later that year, the studio’s name was changed to Warner Sis. in honor of him and her sister and brother, who were later all named “Princes and Princess of Comedy” (You could see the newspaper article in the episode where him and his brother and sister write a script for a movie (2004) In 2004, her brother was diagnosed with a heart murmur, but he didn’t let it stop him, then, later that year, they were told that the show was coming to an end.

In 2010, with the show at an end, Wokka Warner became a drug addict to find the thrills she lost, and gained a habit of hanging around older men. With an unhealthy habit for dating anyone at all, she attracted several STDs, and sold her right ear to the black market to afford more doses of her favorite powder. With her siblings descended into anarchy and rampant anarchic pillaging of towns and cities, Wokka's fame had become infamy. And she found herself in the hot seat of a drug cartel. Raped, abused and treated as nothing more then property. Wokka forgot her old life and got used to selling her body to please the cartel leader that now owned her, Winston Renraw. A poor excuse for an animaniac that thought himself tough shit in the world. In reality, he was bottom fish. Barrel scrapings. Table scraps in the grand scheme of the worlds seedy underbelly. Wokka served his moron, thinking he would give her the perfect life she sought after her show was shut down. It wasn't until 2011 when she realized this was in fact her death sentence. Winston picked a fight with another group, a group calling themselves the "Guardians." Wokka and Winston, and the rest of the cartel were executed by these so called heroes. Putting an end to the former celebrity's life of shame.