Ugly Butt Mary Sue Wobrother Wokka Varner

Full name

Wokka Warner (nee' Varner)



  • 69 (Animaniacs 2019)


Anmi (mother), unnamed father, Wakko (future spouse), Yokko (sister), Dok (brother), Suki (cousin), Itoko (cousin) ,11 other Japanese cousins, The Warners (future in-laws)




Japanese Anime Chacrther

hair/fur color



"You do realize that..."

1st appearnce

Animaniacs:The Movie

Voiced By

Jennifer Stone
Hayley Williams (singing voice)

Mary Sue Wobrother a Ugly butt Varner/Warner (voiced by Jennifer Stone) is the middle child of the Varner sisters. Her big sister has a pink bow instead of red.

My opinionEdit

This website so darn it funny. the secret is that Wokka (and the rest of these characters) Are NOT hear me NOT original. Wokka is a copy of Wakko Here are some other trace overs: : : : What the heck is this ?????? : Look alike?: to this: I hate characters that are unoriginal Especially this one. It's so ugly!!!!!!!!! I also hate some in the links. i don't know how i hate them but when i see them i laugh and laugh for hours and sometimes i laugh my head off! By the way... Wokka cant marry Wakko she is related to him. I love this website!!!!! Wokka is a Mary Sue and a Ugly Butt. Wow Wakko looks ugly in that wig and dress. LOL