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Waldo's guards were created the same day as their boss. They serve as Waldo's Army.


They're loyal henchmen, but easily outsmarted by either Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, or by Background Singer beating them up off-screen.

Tropes (So far)

Brutal Honesty


The Dragon - Dragons technically, since they are an army.

Dumb Muscle - Big and menacing as they may look, they can easily be tricked.

Evil Sounds Deep - Some guards have deepened voices, which actually is done by 321SPONGEBOLT himself by pitching his voice down 4 semi-tones.

Heel-Face Turn - At the end of "Wakko's Wish", the "Animaniacs" series finale and movie.

I Was Beaten by a Girl - On some rare occasions, Dot will fight Waldo or his guards whenever she needs to.

Mobile Shrubbery - They sometimes hide in bushes to either eavesdrop on the Warner siblings or in the case of "Dot's Quiet Time", perform a sneak attack on their opponents.

Villain Song - Their marching song

Songs they sing

They usually perform their chant when they're out marching around Waldo's home in the forest, making sure nobody goes near Waldo. Other than that, they just serve as Waldo's backup singers for songs Waldo sings (excluding "The Great Edgar Hunt" due to their small cameo appearance during the intro).


  • The guards are actually called Twinkies as mentioned in the demo for "A Quake! A Quake!". In order to avoid lawsuits, Waldo's guards could be just addressed as "Waldo's guards".
  • These guys actually came first before the development of Wizard Waldo.