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Wizard Waldo is the main villain of "Animaniacs". He technically would've made his debut in "Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Summer Vacation" if anyone were to consider both shows "in the same universe". He was created in June 23, 2011 by 321SPONGEBOLT (Me).


Wizard Waldo is Wizard Egon's older brother, who raised him after the death of his parents. As revealed in "Animaniacs", Wizard Waldo lost his brother Egon when the Water Tower from the Warner Bros. Studio fell from the sky during one of the Warners' antics. Likely, by using electric fans to get the world to see their home up in the sky. After seeing Egon's feet under the Warner Bros. Water Tower (believing Egon was killed), Waldo has no choice but to go out into the open world to find his brother's killer and prepare a sacrifice ritual to bring Egon back from the dead.


Wizard Waldo is crafty like most evil magic users. He tends to boast about his accomplishments frequently, and crack witty jokes, much like Yakko. However, he's very vengeful when he's wronged or punished, and can be rather frightening when angered. He is rather intelligent, but doesn't usually think his plans through, and as a result of this, his plans often backfire in hilarious ways (in a similar vein to classic cartoon villains from Warner Bros.).

Waldo's Tropes (So far)

Achilles' Heel - Wizard Waldo's weakness is snow, but in his genie form, it has no effect on him. However, despite Waldo being totally invincible in his genie form, his weakness, as revealed in "Wakko's Wish" is his scepter (In form of Shadow's Genie Waldo's belt). Once the scepter is either pulled out, or if the bulb is shattered, Waldo immediately turns back into his regular form.

All for Nothing - In "Wakko's Wish", Wizard Waldo is still as vengeful as of "Hooray for North Hollywood". And while he succeeded in killing a Warner sibling, he soon discovered that his brother wasn't dead. Background Singer is Wizard Egon! And after being called out (and nearly killed) by his brother, and worst of all, everyone (but King Salazar, the Captain of the Guard, Waldo's dragorillas, and Waldo and Salazar's guards) glaring at him, Waldo comes to his senses, realizing that his evil plan since "De-Zanitized" was all for nothing, even if King Salazar was proud of him. Egon was alive all this time, just under a disguise.

Attack of the 50-foot Whatever - One of Waldo's powers in his shadow genie form is to grow monster-sized.

Bad Boss

Bad Powers, Bad People - Waldo uses his magic from his scepter.

Berserk Button - Do not call his robe a dress, or even address him as a girl.

Beware the Silly Ones - His evil plans backfiring may be funny, but Waldo shows no mercy to anyone.

Big Bad - In the Yakko, Wakko, and Dot segments, depending on where he works best.

Copycat Mockery - Waldo will occasionally troll our heroes just for the fun of it.

  • In "Wakko's Wish", Background Singer can see the Warners chained up through a reflection of ice in the tower he was locked up in. But, when it fades away, Waldo appears just to taunt him.

The Chew Toy - Following suit of classic cartoon villains, Waldo's evil plans backfire on him. Whether it be the Warners causing Waldo's traps to not activate until Waldo tests them out, or if Background Singer finds out and gives him (and occasionally his troops) a beating.

Dartboard of Hate - Wizard Waldo has one of the Warners in the "Animaniacs" logo as they are shown at the end of the theme song.

Didn't Think This Through - Some of Waldo's failures end like this.

  • In "King Yakko", Waldo's final wish is to become a shadow genie (which is an evil version of a genie). But Waldo's victory is short-lived when black shackles form on his wrists and starts shrinking while being sucked into his own lamp.

The Dreaded - All but Background Singer fear him.

Enraged by Idiocy - Usually if Waldo's guards mess up his plans somehow, either by themselves, or if Yakko, Wakko, Dot, or any other supporting characters got involved.

Even Evil Has Loved Ones

Even Evil Has Standards - While he may be more mean to his guards, he doesn't get mad at his dragorillas for screwing up, given they are more loyal to Waldo and are more competent.

Evil All Along - Some episodes have Waldo pretend to be a good person as part of his evil plans.

  • In "The Party", Waldo pretends to be a millionaire, and his guards pretend to be a band. By the time Mr. Plotz loses his patience by the end of the cartoon, Waldo unmasks himself and reveals his true colors.
  • In part 2 of "Hooray for North Hollywood", Waldo cleverly tricks Mr. Plotz's son into giving him Babes Bunny's magic lamp.

Evil Costume Switch - Waldo has two, but only to make him feel more powerful.

Evil Is Burning Hot - With his magic, Waldo can make a fireball float above his hand, or shoot a wave of fire from the bulb of his scepter like a flamethrower.

Evil Is Hammy

Evil laugh - A rather insane one at that. [See "Laughing Mad"]

Evil Overlord

Evil Sorcerer

Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap! -

  • ("White Gloves")
    • Babes Bunny (While reciting Waldo's spell): Wizard's robe and hat, do as I say. Disappear from your master and...
    • Wizard Waldo: Make me pay? Come on, Babes, (Waldo's clothes disappear in a cloud of smoke, revealing himself in nothing but boxers.) what makes you think that's gonna work?

False Friend

Heel-Face Turn - At the end of "Wakko's Wish", the "Animaniacs" series finale and movie.

"The Hero Sucks" Song - Sings these to any of the characters.

  • In "Animaniacs Game Pack", he sings a cover of "Prince Ali" to Background Singer as part of Dot's nightmare.

Hidden Heart of Gold - Waldo killing innocent people is wrong, but he is in the right for going out to find his younger brother, Egon's killer.

Human Sacrifice - Warner sacrifice in this case. He planned to do this to Yakko, Wakko, and Dot until his reformation.

Humiliation Conga - Sometimes happens when his plans go horribly wrong.

Hypno Ray - One of Waldo's magical powers from his scepter.

Hypocritical Humor - While Waldo hates when people call his robe a dress, Waldo will sometimes run while holding his robe up like when women wear a long dress while walking or running. Sometimes he'll even dance with his robe raised up.

I Was Beaten by a Girl - On very rare occasions, like "Dot's Quiet Time" for instance, Dot would beat up Waldo for trying to kidnap her. Waldo also took a beating from Elmyra in "Lookit the Fuzzy Heads" when he was about to turn Yakko, Wakko, and Dot into frogs, only for Waldo to turn into a frog by Elmyra swiping his scepter while he isn't looking and whacking Waldo violently.

I'm Melting! - Whenever Waldo encounters snow. He even does the Wicked Witch's dying speech in his own style. In "Wakko's Wish", Waldo reveals that thanks to Babes turning him into a genie (A direct call-back to the episode, "King Yakko"), Waldo's genie blood allows him to never die. So he's been faking his deaths to live another day.


Immune to Bullets - One of Waldo's powers in his shadow genie form.


Jerk With A Heart Of Gold - He may be all evil and menacing on the outside, but deep inside, he cares a lot about Egon, and would to anything to restore him.

Karmic Butt-Monkey

Kick the Dog - Waldo kills Dot in "Wakko's Wish".

Kill It with Fire - Waldo's answer to killing the Warners, or at least with his cauldron of boiling water.

Kneel Before Zod - Waldo gives out this whenever he has domination over something.

  • ("King Yakko") "If you will not bow before your king, THEN YOU WILL COWER BEFORE YOUR OVERLORD!"

Laughably Evil

Laughing Mad

Magic Is Evil

Magic Staff - Waldo carries one as his signature weapon. His scepter can also be morphed into Waldo while turning himself into an animal (with the exception of Waldo's frog form, as Elmyra took Waldo's scepter from him in "Lookit the Fuzzy Heads").

Manipulative Bastard - As mentioned by Background Singer in the second part of "Hooray for North Hollywood", never make deals with Wizard Waldo.

Mobile Shrubbery - In "Dot's Quiet Time", he and his guards hide in bushes and leads them to sneak up on Dot and the Background Singers with the element of surprise.

Never My Fault - Sometimes when things go wrong, Waldo's guards get blamed for things they didn't do.

  • In "Jokahontas", Waldo's guards point out that Waldo used the antidote spell to turn Singer Hood human again instead of kill him. But Waldo gets enraged and throws a violent tantrum on his guards.

Nigh-Invulnerability - Only when Waldo is Shadow Genie Waldo.

Not Me This Time - In the case of the "Belchinator Too!" opening cutscene in "Animaniacs Game Pack". The hoard of robots attacking clearly wasn't Waldo's fault even if he wanted to do it. It was the Brain who did it.

Power Makes Your Voice Deep - In Waldo's genie form, his voice becomes all deep and echo-y, due to his monstrous size.

Purple is Powerful - Purple is Waldo's signature color, for not only his clothes, but also his skin whenever he shapeshifts into a different form.

Robe and Wizard Hat - Waldo's causal attire

"The Reason You Suck" speech - Whether Waldo speaks or sings to the main characters.

Sorcerous Overlord

Villainous Breakdown - For humor, Wizard Waldo throws a fit whenever the Warners ruin his plans, or when his plans backfire on himself.

Villain Has a Point - In the second part of "Hooray for North Hollywood", Waldo points out that it wasn't Mr. Plotz who helped him steal Babes' lamp, it was actually his son who did it.

Villain Song - While Waldo doesn't have an original song, he still sings whatever covers of existing villain songs fit the situation he has the Warners (and occasionally Background Singer) in.

Villain Teleportation - One of Waldo's powers is to disappear and reappear in a cloud of smoke. An explosion sound effect is used in this case.

Vile Villain, Saccharine Show - Unlike most "Animaniacs" villains, Wizard Waldo is a lot darker. And some of his actions can be disturbing for some viewers (or readers).

Would Hit a Girl - In Waldo's case, he would always kidnap Dot and threaten to kill her at points, only to be rescued by Background Singer. In "Wakko's Wish" however, Waldo shows no mercy and kills her with King Salazar's help.

Would Harm a Senior - Likely Dr. Scratchansniff or Mr. Plotz. In the pilot, "De-Zanitized" for example, Waldo stands on top of the water tower, and intends to drop the cowardly Mr. Plotz from stories high.

Songs he sang

Some are from "Animaniacs", some are not.

(*) = Features my singing

  1. "The Monkey Song" (Waldo only has three lines in this song, "Don't know what to say the monkeys won't do! Arrgh!", "Stew?", and "Enjoy your fun! While it lasts.".) *
  2. "Why Me?" (from "King Yakko") (Originally a deleted song from Disney's "Aladdin". Waldo sings this in my version of "King Yakko" as the war begins.) *
  3. "The Senses Song" (Waldo's only line in this song is "A sense of doubt, a sense of danger.", which is sung in unison with Yakko, followed by his evil cackle.) *
  4. "You're Only Second Rate" (from "Take My Siblings, Please") (Originally from "Aladdin 2: The Return of Jafar". Waldo sings this just after Dot sings "The Hunk From Upumema".)
  5. "One Jump Ahead" (from "One Jump Ahead") (Originally from Disney's "Aladdin". Taking place after the final "Dot's Poetry Corner" skit, Waldo's only singing line is "Still I think she's rather tasty!" as he's about to kidnap Dot. During the instrumental, Waldo orders his guards to chase after her.)
  6. "A Quake! A Quake!" (Waldo's only singing line is "Yes, it's true! I'll kill you!", he does however speak for the rest of the end of the song as soon as he yells "After them, you fools!".) *
  7. "Prince Ali (Reprise)" (from "Animaniacs Game Pack") (Originally from Disney's "Aladdin". In my version of the "Smoocher" ending cutscene, Waldo sings this as he humiliates Background Singer. Worst of all, he slams his scepter to the ground and has Dot fall through the crack screaming, and as Background Singer is about to save her, Waldo elbows him and sends him flying into his cauldron where Background Singer dies in the steamy cauldron. Fortunately, the Warners and Background Singer all wake up screaming, realizing it was all a nightmare.) *
  8. "Be Prepared" (from "Wakko's Wish") (Originally from Disney's "The Lion King") - Waldo sings this as he tries to convince King Salazar to hire him so they both can get what they want [Waldo for the Warners' deaths to revive Egon, King Salazar for the wishing star by his castle.]
  9. "I'll make a man out of you" (from "Wakko's Wish") (Originally from Disney's "Mulan") - Sings parts of this song as Background Singer trains in Manfred's ranks for battle.
  10. "King K. Rool's Finest Hour" (from "Wakko's Wish") (Originally from the "Donkey Kong Country" TV series. Waldo sings this to the captured Warners as he assembles his armies. Some words are changed around to fit the world of "Animaniacs" and takes a jab at referencing "Mario Party".)
  11. "You are dead" (from "Wakko's Wish") (Originally from the 1995 PC game, "Total Distortion", Waldo and his guards sing this in "Wakko's Wish" as soon as Dot dies. He sings the whole song and evilly laughs at the end until Background Singer punches him in fury.)
  12. "Father and Son" (from "Wakko's Wish") (Originally from Disney's "Aladdin 3: The King of Thieves")
  13. "I Believe I Can Fly" (from "Wakko's Wish") (Originally from another Warner Bros. movie, "Space Jam")
  14. "Dr. Finklestein's Song" (from "Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt") (Originally from Disney Interactive's "The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge", Waldo sings this in the game when he gets hypnotized in the "Spooky Movie" level. Waldo sings during his boss battle until he is defeated.)
  15. "Oogie Boogie Background Singer's theme song" ("Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt" version) (Originally from Disney Interactive and Capcom's "The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge", this song plays in the game during the C.C. DeVille final boss. Unlike the original song, some of the lyrics are changed around. Waldo's only spoken line is "You better give up!")
  16. "Filthy Finale" (from "Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt") (Originally from Disney Interactive and Capcom's "The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge". Waldo sings part of this during the final cutscene.)

(More songs will be added, depending on my eligibility.)

His background music

He uses the Wicked Witch's theme as his primary background score, other times his score consists of Danny Elfman's pre-1993 musical score and some of Alan Menken's movie score throughout the 1990s.


  • The concept of Wizard Waldo came to me as I was watching the episode "Dot's Quiet Time". He started off as some general, but I later made him a wizard after recalling watching a high-school performance of "The Wizard of Oz", the one with the song, "The Jitterbug" added to the story and the Wicked Witch asking her Winkies why they always have to sing their chant when they march.