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Normal Wilfreda (2023).

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Transformed Wilfreda (2023).

Wilfreda Bea Wolf is the female Wilford Wolf from the Minerva Mink cartoon, and a character from the genderbent series, created by VampireMeerkat.

She was one of Manfred Mink's many pursuers and the two dated for a lengthy amount of time. He used to act hostile towards her because of her appearance and lack of charms, but when he witnessed her transform into an entirely different girl under the exposure of a full moon, he became smitten and the two appeared a match.

He broke up with her over multiple issues, one of those being her little brother's relationship with the genderbent Newt.

Artwork of Wilfreda was conceived in 2017, but never finished or given an official upload. Though it was posted online by other users, it wasn't until January 11, 2023, that Wilfreda got properly introduced at Deviantart.

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Wilfreda shares a home with her parents and three siblings, and comes from a cursed lineage that carries a peculiar werewolf gene that swaps the physical attractiveness of the bearer. Her parents and two older sisters also turn beautiful under the light of a full moon, while her little brother suffers the opposite and becomes beastly.
Despite her nerdy conduct and lunar condition, Wilfreda had a strifeless childhood. Her long days of studying were seen as a good pastime and her like-minded family shared the same interests, making the fact she had no friends not that bothersome to her.

She met Manfred at college, but their interactions were few and far between. With Wilfreda's parents wanting her to focus on school, she didn't yet try to swoon him, though her interest in the popular student was not subtle. Since Manfred had a habit of rejecting girls, she remained optimistic and believed to stand a chance with him, even after he chose to quit college and was no longer in reach. She finished up her education, then one day, prepared herself to meet up with him.

Manfred made a fool out of her and rejected every one of her attempts to impress him, leaving Wilfreda distraught at the end of day. She picked a hill to howl on in her sorrow.
The noise was loud enough for Manfred to hear, who planned to scold her, until he found a stranger waiting for him. Wilfreda transformed into a different woman every time the moonlight brushed her fur, whose beauty was irresistible to him. He expressed wanting to date her, which Wilfreda immediately accepted.

They met up frequently, though it was obvious Manfred's excitement was only heightened nearing nights a full moon was predicted. Not wanting to lose the woman of his dreams, he played the role of her boyfriend, met her family and few odd friends, and would spend enough time with her as to keep her satisfied. Wilfreda believed he was fully committed and enjoyed every second with him, even though Manfred never made it a secret to only enjoy her attractive side.

During their relationship, a heartbroken Newlyn Schnappsie tried to half-heartedly hunt him for her still waiting master. Her presence eventually caught the attention of Wilfreda's brother, believing she was a friend of either Manfred or his sister's. Clifford wished to include her with their family activities, but even after clarifying to be a stranger, he still insisted she stayed. The Wolf family was hospitable and generous, and Newlyn felt at home very quickly.

Her "intrusion" did not evade Manfred, and her growing relationship with the handsome Clifford even less so. Whilst he already felt insecure in the wolf's presence, him grabbing the full attention of his number one fan greatly annoyed him.
Having to be nice to the dopey, boring Wilfreda was already tiresome and seeing Newlyn not care about him anymore made him jealous. His own relationship was losing its appeal and he figured on breaking up with Wilfreda and ruining Newlyn's happiness as well.

As Wilfreda's brother was embarrassed of his transformation and Wilfreda had entrusted Manfred with the details, he decided to use it to scare off Newlyn by enacting a fake attack on her -supposedly conducted by the transformed brother. Clifford watched his love interest flee for his appearance, and as hoped, took it as a rejection and didn't pursue her.

No one suspected Manfred, who further used the situation as an excuse to break up with Wilfreda, informing her he did not to want to associate with a family of savages who attempted to murder "his friend".


Wilfreda is a geek stereotype who never made her love for Manfred a secret, making her surprisingly self-confident. When transformed, there's not much of a difference, besides presentation.

She's not quick to give up on her goals, but when everything has been exhausted, will accept defeat. She's a strange mix of intelligent, yet oblivious, likely to blame on the little social interaction she's enjoyed with people that are not identical to her.


Wilfreda is an anthropomorphic wolf of 20 years old. When herself, she has large hips, a dark-red nose, and grey fur, but a light muzzle, tail, and feet. She has Goofy dentures, low-hanging ears, frizzy hair, and wears huge glasses, a white, tidy long-sleeved turtleneck shirt with a red necktie, and a blue skirt.

When transformed, she's tall with more evenly divided body proportions, but an extremely small waist. Her muzzle and ears are much smaller, the latter standing straight up, and her hair and tail are light, long, and voluminous. Her glasses consistently disappear, her shirt becomes a top, and the necktie a big sideways ribbon. Unlike her normal self, she walks on her toes.



  • Wilford's second name has never been revealed;
    • The name "Bea" is a feminization of "Beo". In combination with Wilfreda's surname, it's a reference to the name "Beowulf".

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