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"Why Me?" is a cover of the deleted song of the same name from the Disney film, "Aladdin". It is performed by Wizard Waldo for 321SPONGEBOLT's version of the episode, "King Yakko". As the war for Anvilania commences, Waldo sings this song to gloat about Babes being forced to grant his every three wishes.


Voice Actor Character
321SPONGEBOLT Wizard Waldo


Wizard Waldo: ♪In my formative and hungry years, I was unappreciated by my peers.♪

♪As their slings and arrows flew, I would ponder.♪

Wouldn't you?

♪Why me? Why me?♪

♪For a man of my charisma and mystique, I have taken far too long to reach my peak.♪

♪Why is my status never quo? Why does no one want to know?♪

Poor me! Why me!?

♪Why am I so unable to fulfill my true potential?♪

♪Kept down by those I knew were smaller fry… inconsequential?♪

But here's the rub! (Rubs Babes' lamp) Rub-a-dub-dub!


Waldo's General: Ladies and gentlemen...

Waldo's Guard: A warming Anvilanian welcome...

Both: ...for King Waldo!

Wizard Waldo (Overlord): ♪I am power! I am clout personified!♪

♪I've got a rabbit and sheer malice on my side!♪

♪It's a combination which, works me up to fever pitch!♪

Babes Bunny! And me!


Wizard Waldo (Overlord) (Mad): When the master of the lamp says "bow", (Zaps Yakko, Wakko, Background Singer, and Dot off-screen) YOU BOW!

(Under Waldo's magic, Yakko and Wakko's hands are forced to touch the ground, and kneel. Dot's hands are forced to grab her dress and make her curtsy. And Background Singer's hand forces him to take off his hat and bow forward.)

Wizard Waldo (Overlord) (Off-screen): You forget who wears the pants around here now!?

Wizard Waldo (Overlord) (On-screen): ♪A man who knows just what to do, and who to do it to!♪

Who's he? M-E!

♪(To the Warners) And as for you, you little twerps, from now on, it's "as you were" time!♪

(We focus on the Prime Minister, who is held hostage by Waldo's guards grabbing her wrists.)

♪Let's have your pretty princess see how she's been wasting her time!♪

Wizard Waldo (Overlord): (To his guards) Go rip 'em bare.


Wizard Waldo (Overlord) (Mad): I DON'T CARE, YOU SCATTERBRAIN! GET TO WORK!


Wizard Waldo (Overlord): (To Background Singer) Though, I hate to break a partnership, you're going on a one-way trip!

♪To the corner of the sphere, not a million miles from here!♪

(Waldo's Dragorillas take Background Singer to Umlatt's castle as he struggles to break free)

Wizard Waldo (Overlord) (Off-screen): But two! Toodle-loo!

Wizard Waldo (Overlord) (On-screen): ♪Who's the titan? Who's the champ? Who's the master of the lamp!?♪

♪Who's the one who'll build up pages in whose who?♪


♪WHY, ME!!!♪♪

(Waldo evilly laughs as lightning strikes until he disappears in a cloud of smoke. The song ends on the final note.)


NOTE: To listen to the instrumental, click here.


Wizard Waldo's lines

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