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Due to one of Brain's machines, Yakko and Hello Nurse swap bodies. Then, Yakko tries to be swapped with HN again but swaps with Minerva Mink.


Part 1[]

(Hello Nurse is being chased by Yakko Warner)

Yakko: Hello Nurse!

Hello Nurse (to viewers): Ugh, I hated being chased by him! I wish he knew what it was like to be me!

(Pinky and the Brain walks by with Brain's swap machine.)

Pinky: Will you finally tell me what this is? NARF!

Brain: I'll swap our bodies so we can be the rulers of the earth! Let's test it!

(Brain points at Pinky who dodges and zaps Yakko and Hello Nurse, swapping their bodies causing them to faint.)

Hello Nurse?: Ow, I feel weird. Why do I feel a draft?

Yakko?: Why are my hands black?

(Yakko and Hello Nurse runs to a mirror in Dr. Scratchansniff's office and see that they swapped bodies)

Hello Nurse (Yakko): *Gasp!* I'm hot! I'm gonna go to the bathroom and do "stuff"

Yakko (Hello Nurse): No! We need to find a way back to normal.

Brain: Well, too bad! It'll last for a week!

(Yakko and HN look at Pinky and Brain. Hello Nurse as Yakko walks to the Brain)

Yakko (HN): You! The rats did it!

Pinky: The mice!

HN (Yakko): Thank you! I get see Hello Nurse's body.

Yakko (HN): You need to swap us back! Or else...

Brain: Sorry, but my machine's batteries run out quickly!

Yakko (HN): Why would you need batteries for a machine that swaps people's bodies?!?!!?

Brain: There are a lot of moving parts to my plan!

Brain and Pinky leave while Hello Nurse in Yakko stands dumbfounded while Yakko in HN checks Hello Nurse's breasts.

Hello Nurse in Yakko's first therapy session[]

HN (Yakko) walks off.

Yakko (HN): And where do you think you're going?

HN (Yakko): To your house, where I'll see you naked.

(Goodnight Everybody!)