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This song is a cover of the Winkie March from "The Wizard of Oz".


321SPONGEBOLT - Wizard Waldo's guards/General of Waldo's guards

Bobby McFerrin (Archive Audio) - Additional Guards (Exclusively in "Wakko's Wish")


Waldo's General and guards: ♪Oh we oh, yo-oh!♪

(Lyrics repeat continuously until the end of the song.)


"Waldo's Guards march"

"Waldo's Guards march (Instrumental)"

Combined Acapella (Part 1)

Combined Acapella (Part 2)

General (Part 1)

General (Part 2)

Guard 1 (Part 1)

Guard 1 (Part 2)

Guard 2 (Part 1)

Guard 2 (Part 2)

Guard 3 (Part 1)

Guard 3 (Part 2)


  • The full version of this piece can be heard on my version of the soundtrack "Animaniacs: Variety Pack". The full track itself is also used in my version of "Wakko's Wish", paying tribute to the rescue scene in "The Wizard of Oz" where Toto leads Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion to the Wicked Witch's castle and dress up as her guards to sneak inside and rescue Dorothy.
  • When this plays on the show, there will be an occasional moment when Waldo or his General (depending on whoever takes command) yells "Halt!".
  • The show also has a running gag where when Waldo orders the guards to stop, the General immediately comes to a screeching halt, and the guards behind him bump into each other. This happens just like in the live show versions of "The Wizard of Oz", including the Middle and High School productions.