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The Quacker brothers.

Wakky, Yakky, and Smakky (AKA the Quacker Brothers) are the overall main antagonist of the Animaniacs franchise serving the unseen overarching antagonist of Animaniacs until the Series Finale and they return to serve as the Main antagonist of the reboot as the well the arch-nemisis of the Warner Siblings.


Wakky, Yakky, and Smakky were the orginal design of the Warner siblings but was reject by their creator Tom Ruegger and after being thrown out and when they see that their new counterparts have made a succes they grew jealous and wants to take revenge on both their new Counterparts and their creator and decides to take over the cartoon business world as well by becoming the world's number 1 Cartoon show that will become a number 1 Cartoon Franchise of the world.


  • The Quacker Brothers were an evil counterpart to the Warner siblings
    • Yakky being the counterpart to Yakko
    • Wakky being the counterpart to Dot
    • Smakky being the counterpart to Wakko