Wacka and Wakka MaRakka
Wacka and Wakka MaRakka

Full name

Wacka "C" MaRakka (left), Wakka "K" MaRakka (right)


C is 13, K is 14


Each other (sisters)


Animenian (both)


Toon (both)

Hair/Fur color

Yellow (both, fur), brown (both, hair)



Voiced by

hr (Zany to the Max)(both)

Wacka "C" and Wakka "K" MaRakka are conjoined sisters who first appear in Season 3 of Zany to the Max.


Wakka K. MaRakka was born in April 1995 in Animenia to unknown parents. A year later, her sister, Wacka C. MaRakka, was born in October 1995. About six months after this (Wakka remembers it being exactly 5 months and 26 days), the family moved to Acme Acres, California, right next door to Acme Labs (where Pinky and the Brain live). When Wakka was 2 years old and Wacka was 1 year old, they accidentally got involved in a gene-splicing project that fused them together, and they have been conjoined ever since. In 2009, when Wacka was 13 and Wakka was 14, they went to Acme Looniversity, which they graduated from 4 years later. After their graduation, they appeared in Zany to the Max.


  • Their nicknames are the same as their middle initials and the third letters in their first names.
  • Their names are the same except for the third letters in them.
  • Their hairstyles look like a C and a K, respectively.
  • They parody Terri and Terry from Monsters University, hence their first appearance: the Season 3 episode "Warners University."
  • K is taller than C.
  • C likes dancing, K likes writing.