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The Wakko's most populated cities, is a fan song created by Alejolteon, where Wakko's America is parodied, but this time the largest cities in the United States are explained, instead of their capitals.

Also, it can be seen, which Yakko does not explain to the Washinton DC jurisdiction.


(Wakko's violin sounds)
New Orleans, Lousiana, Indianapolis indiana.
And Columbus is the capital of Ohio.
There's Birmingham, Alamba, south of Billings in a Montana.
Then there's Denver, Colorado under Boise, Idaho.
Texas has Houston, then we go north.
To Massachusetts' Boston and New York its city.
Jacksonville, Florida, What a city.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Nashville Tennessee.
Elvis used to hang out there a lot, you know.
Newark's in New Yersey, north of Kansas, Missoury.
You've got beach in Virginia, South Dakota has Sioux.
Philadelphia's in Pennsylvania, and portland's up to Maine.
And here is Providence, Rhode Island next to Wilmington, Delaware.
Manchester, New Hampshire, just a quick jaunt.
To Burlington, which is up in Vermont.
Bridgeport's in Connecticut , so pretty in the fall.
And Kansas has Wichita, Minnesota has Minneapolis.
Anchorage is in Alaska, and there's Omaha in Nebraska.
And it's Charlotte North Carolina, and then.
There's Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Seattle in Washinton.
Phoenix, Arizona, and Detroit, Michigan.
Here's Honolulu, Hawaii's a joy,
Jackson, Mississippi, and Chicago, Illinois.
South Carolina with Charleston down the way.
And Baltimore in Maryland on Chesapeake Bay.
They have wonderful clam chowder.
Cheyenne is in Wyoming, and perhaps you'd make your home in
Salt Lake City out in Utah, where the buffalo roam.
Atlanta's down in Georgia, and there's Fargo, North Dakota.
And you can live in Louisville in your old Kentucky home.
Our Second Portland in Oregon, from there we join.
Little Rock in Arkansas, Iowa's got Des Moines.
Los Angeles, California Oklahoma and its city.
Charleston, West Virginia and and Nevada, Las Vegas!
That's all the capitals there are!
(Wrong alarm sounds)
Teacher: Oh sorry, Darling, some cities are not capitals.
(Wakko hits his head with the violin, but since it was electric, it resists the blow, and Wakko is knocked unconscious)
Yakko: Who would say that the United States is very complex in capitals?
Dot: Needless to say!


Animaniacs Wiki is thanked, for the original lyrics of the song,[1] and Wikipedia for the information on Most Populated Cities.

All of them, under the CC-BY-SA license.