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The Rhythm Keyis a sersie of keys used to unlock a hypnotizing 1960's Beatles like song that controls the minds of teenagers. Yokko is the last surving family member to know this since the Varners' 2nd cousin was in the C.I.A.This was featured in the episodeThe Key

How it goes[]

[Only some parts of these are heard while trying to geth the program created to translate the equation to music to reverse the effect]

x/43.7x87q (<--- the important part) Divide 84 by 7 to get 12 then add 2 and infinity then carry the 2 to the millons place next to 56 the subtract it by 41 then add 15 with MC²

Reverseing effect[]

even though the whole thing not said in the episode

Subtract MC² and 15 to get nothing then add 56 and 41 to get 97 then put it in the ones place then subtract 12 and 2 and muiltply 84 and 7 and make sure to leave out x/43.7x87q

Song Outcomes[]