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The Briella show is a segment in the show animaniacs that features Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. About a little girl who lives all alone is a house in the woods the girl was named Briella who is around 9 years old, but she is really pretty, bubbly, and is very smart and mature that the Warner brothers constantly fall for but have control later.

First episode: the job interview

The first episode starts of with Briella walking to go to a work interview even though she was a nine year old. That work interview was for a job for helping children/ teenagers to be tame, mostly trainees. she was very good with that. (It workes on boys the most!!!)She never knew why though. When she arrived she knocked and the Warner brothers popped up and stared at her for a second then immediately said ‘Helloooooo nurse!’ She looked at them and they fell down. She looked at them and helped them up and said ‘are you two okay?’ They just fell agian and she just stared getting comfused. And Dot popped up and said ‘Boys go fig’ and dragged them away. Dr. Scratchansniff ran up to her and said ‘I’m so sorry’ she said ‘it’s okay’ but then asked ‘Why did they say hello nurse?’ With a sigh Dr. scratchansniff said ‘don’t worry about it just let me ask you some questions.’ He asked questions like ‘what do you use to make children tame’ she just said they just looked at her and obeyed her. Dr. Scratchansniff was surprised, he knew it was because of her looks even though she was a child. He said ‘okay, I will give you the job but they can be a hand full...’ she said ‘Okay thank you very much Sir.’ And went home. Her first day would start tomorrow.

Episode two: meeting the Warners.

The next day Briella has her fist day of work and she was thrilled because she loves work. When she wakes up it’s 6:00 and work is at 7:30 so she got ready and made some toast and when to her work around 7:00. When she got there it was 7:10 when she knocked Dr. scratchansniff opened and said ‘oh! Briella your early!’ Briella smiled and said ‘I love working with children even if there older than me, each kid has a special personality.’ Dr. Scratchansniff knew she would not quit since she seemed okay with children all ages and types. So he said ‘Briella the Warners are due here any minute, can you look out for them?’ Briella said ‘Okay’ So she went outside to wait and within about 3 minutes there where there and she said ‘Hi! I’m Briella. I think we saw each other before. Am I right?’ And the warners brothers agian said ‘Helloooooo nurse!’ And she said ‘Uh, okay.’ ‘Well you must be the Warner Brothers’ and then turned to Dot and said ‘And you must be the Warner sister’ she said with a smile on her face. Dot said ‘Yes! For sometime someone does not call us all the Warner brothers!’ And Dot said ‘ My name is Dot! You call me Dottie you die.’ And Briella said ‘Okay but YOU call me little girl you die!’ Dot said ‘Okay’ ‘Oh! and theses are my Brothers. Yakko’ as she pointed to Yakko. ‘And Wakko.’ As she pointed to Wakko and Briella said ‘a- are they okay?’ Dot nodded and said ‘well why don’t we go inside?’ And Briella said ‘sure but hold on’ and she tried to pick up Yakko and said ‘can you get Wakko?’ She said ‘Okay’ and picked him up and they went inside. When they got to the couch they put them down. Well... Dot threw Wakko on the couch and Briella gently placed Yakko. And waved her hand in front of his face and he came out of his trance and said ‘hi!’ Briella jumped a little and said ‘Hi Yakko.’ And he said ‘she knows my name!’ And Dot rolled her eyes and said ‘Obviously! If you didint go in one of your weird traces you could have meeted her properly!’ And Briella said ‘No it’s fine, this has happened before but no one tells me why.’ Dot said ‘Well I hope I make this clear but it’s because they like you.’ Briella was confused and just said. ‘But... why me? I’m like 9 year old girl.’ Yakko said ‘well then why are you working with us..? We always don’t get people this nice to us.’Briella said ‘oh really? I just think it’s fun to work with people around my age.’ And Wakko woke up and said ‘What happened? And Yakko said ‘Look baby bro! It’s the girl you saw in your dreams!’ Wakko looked and saw her and looked up and down. And then said ‘I- what- how- why-??’ And Briella was super confused and said ‘Wait! What? You saw me?’ And Wakko nodded and said ‘earthier that or I’m dreaming. Yakko please pinch me.’ And Yakko said ‘can do!’ And he pinched him. He said ‘OUCH!!! THAT HURTS!!!’ And Briella said ‘Oh no! Let me see!’ And see looked and saw it looked kind of red she said ‘hold on’ and opened her bag and pulled out a small first aide kit and took a pain reliever cream and opened It and put it on his leg and said ‘there we go! Feel better?’ And Wakko said ‘It does!’ ‘Thank you Briella!’ ‘Wait- can I call you Brie Brie?’ And she said ‘sure! Just don’t call me ‘little girl’ okay?’ Wakko said ‘okay!’ And she said ‘Well I better go find my boss.’ ‘Nice seeing you guys! Se ya in a bit!’ Dot said ‘Oh boy this is just like hello nurse all over again.’ And Briella went to go find Dr. Scratchansniff. When she found him he said ‘Oh Briella! Did you meet the Warner brothers?’ She said ‘yes, and the Warner sister! There where very nice but Wakko said he saw me in his dream he said. ‘Maybe you should talk to him.’ He said ‘hmm... that’s not normal have you seen him before?’ Briella said ‘Yes! I did but now come to think of it... I never told him my name and he new it!’ Dr scratchansniff said ‘hmmmmm maybe I should go see him..’ and Briella said ‘Okay. Do I have to do anything else? I can help.’ Dr scratchansniff said ‘Yes, I would like for you to try to teach Yakko and Dot. I see your in 3rd grade but your really smart. Briella said ‘Sure! Thank you Sir.’ And went to Yakko and Dot and said. I’m going to try to uh teach you. Dot said. ‘okay!’ And Yakko said ‘uhhhhhhhhhhhh okay!’ And she went to grave three chairs and placed two in front of her and one in front of her and before she sat down she turned around and saw a whoopie cushion on her seat and said ‘I never fall for those anymore...’ and said ‘who’s is this?’ And nobody said so she just sat down and said ‘Okay’ and put it in the trash and sat down and said. ‘Okay so does anybody know how to do math?’ And there was silence and she wrote a problem it said 1 + 1 = _ on a white bord and said ‘Dot can you answer this?’ And Dot said ‘Okay I’ll try’ and she wrote 2 and she said ‘very nice now let’s try multiplication’ and she wrote 1x1= __ and she said ‘Yakko can you answer?’ And he said ‘Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sure!’ And wrote 1 on the bord and said ‘Correct.’ ‘Now can you guys conjugate?’ And Yakko said ‘I never kissed a girl!’ And Briella said ‘no! I can help you with it if you don’t know how to and what it means.’ And Yakko said ‘people keep asking me this. Goodnight everybody!’ Briella covered her mouth and said ‘that came out wrong.’ And said Uh.. well moving on.. who knows all fifty states and there capitals?’ Dot said ‘You should ask Wakko, he can sing a song about it.’ And after she said that Wakko walked right up to Briella and said ‘I’m done!’ And Briella said ‘okay but I’m really tierd... can we end this episode already?’ And Yakko said ‘almost, just another minute.’ And she said ‘Yay! I’m gonna go to bed.. you guys finish..’ and Yakko and Wakko said ‘Goodnight nurse!’ And Briella said ‘night Yakko Wakko and Dot.’ And Dot said ‘night!’ And then said ‘welp she broke the fourth wall.’ And Yakko said ‘did God give us the next hello nurse? I sure do hope so.’

and Wakko said ‘Maybe but it’s still not the same, she’s different.’ And Dot said ‘HOW?’ And Wakko said ‘I’ dunno, maybe she’s just really nice? Hello nurse was kind of rude to us but Brie Brie is nice.’ And Dot said ‘Boys..go fig.’ And Yakko said ‘he’s not lying sis she is nicer.’ And Dot said ‘well I’m not gonna fight she is..’ and Wakko said ‘it’s late should we just end here? We have 10 seconds left.’ And Yakko said ‘sure. Good night everybody!’ And Dot said ‘nothing happened-‘

Episode 3: Brie Brie’s dream (yes I used Wakkos nick name for her because why not?)

One night when Briella Yakko Wakko and Dot where asleep Wakko and Briella had a dream...

For Wakko it started with a bunch of food in front of him and he started eating. For Briella she was at a library with her favorite series, Cupcake diaries. And started reading her favorite ones. (the love stories with her favorite character Alexis and yes all you cupcake diaries fans, this is the creators fav books.) Wakko went down a hole in the bowl as for Briella she went down a hole in her book and said ‘I go down the hole’ as she knew she was dreaming. And they both fell in the same place. And Briella saw Wakko and said ‘Wakko? How are you in my dream?’ And Wakko said ‘I don’t know I thought this was my dream’ and Briella said ‘Okay.. so do you know how to wake up?’ And Wakko said ‘No Bre Brie, do you?’ And she said ‘yes I do’ Wakko said ‘I didint even propose.’ And Briella just stood there and said ‘just forget that.. and fly!’ And she said ‘CUPCAKE DIARIES LOVE STORYS WITH ALEXIS!!’ And started flying then she landed and said ‘say something you like to do or eat or go’ and Wakko said ‘FOOD!!!’ And started flying. And she said ‘Okay now I need to transform into my glitter form... let me glitter transform!’ And said ‘insert glitter charm!’ And it gave her the makeup brush to apply shades of powder and she said ‘poof poof glitter bands! Poof poof glitter boots! I’m glitter tastic!’ And Wakko looked at her in a pink bubble as her hair turned huge in big lavender pigtails and a lavender outfit and said ‘sugar spice and everything nice! ‘You call me little girl you die! I’m glitter lavy!’ And landed on the ground and Wakko kept saying ‘Pretty Pretty Pretty!’ And Briella said ‘stand back’ and said ‘we got spirit!’ And she started glowing and she said ‘love is infinity yes it now give me positive energy for my head to make it strong and move the wall! Lavender mind!’ And the wall moved and there was light so bright and Briella made them wide open and she stopped but when she did she started falling with her eyes closed and hit the ground and Wakko grabbed her and flew to the light and they went through and Wakko woke up But Briella still was laying down in glitter form and Wakko rushed over through the woods and saw her on the green grass on the ground and she opened her eyes and said ‘Wakko! Is it just me or do I feel super tierd from that dream?’ And Wakko said ‘I think you really are glitter lavy!’ And Briella said ‘what do you mean?...’ and Wakko said ‘you have your big lavender pigtails and she looked at her hair and said ‘oh wow that’s cool!’ And Wakko said ‘Yes but why did this happen?’ And Briella just said ‘I don’t know. Maybe we should go to The doctor’ and got up and Wakko said ‘can you still fly?’ And she said ‘no.’ ‘But hold on it’s like 1am we should not go there.’ She tugged her hair and it turned brown and shrunk to normal pigtails and the purple outfit turned into a lavender tee shirt and a Jean skirt and she looked and said ‘it’s gone!’ And Wakko said ‘that’s so weird!’ And Briella said ‘I don’t feel tierd anymore!’ and Wakko said ‘try to turn back into glitter lavy! It was cool!’ And she said ‘Okay but it might not work...’ and she thought super hard and reached into her pocket and a glitter charm and she said ‘oh no this is a dream agian’ and Wakko said ‘Really?’ And she said ‘yeah pinch me.’ And he did and it did not hurt and she said ‘nope,’ just as she said so she heard ‘Brie Brie!!’ And she opened her eyes and Wakko was right there and Briella screamed and sat bolt up and she was in the hospital and said ‘what on earth happened!’ And Yakko said ‘you hit your head really hard and was out for 4 days and Briella gasped and said ‘am I okay?’ And Dot said ‘Calm down! Your fine! And she heard ‘Briellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!’ And she woke up agian and saw Dot and she said ‘oh your up! Just wanted to say your gonna die in 5 weeks and she said ‘oh brother this is getting out of hand!’ And she heard another voice and woke up and saw Yakko and she was at her house in her bed and said ‘Pinch me.’ Yakko just said ‘okay...’ and when he pinched her she felt something and was relived and said ‘okay, I’m not in a dream.’ And then she looked and she said ‘glitter transform!’ Just to make sure And said ‘uh oh..’ and turned into lavy and Yakko and Wakko said ‘Hellooooooooo nurse!’ And there eyes turned into hearts and Briella said ‘What the-‘ and Yakko and Wakko went haywire and she just said ‘help me.’ And Dot said ‘Boys.. go fig.’

Episode 4: a normal day

One morning it was 6am and Briella sat bolt right up in bed. It was Friday, and she could read and play outside all day long! So she got up, dressed in a shirt that had pink and orange flowers with a white jean shorts and a white headband but she was barefoot. She made Eggs and toast. After she ate she got a book, it was a magic tree house book so she went under a tree with a swing and read for a hour. The she played soccer. she may seem like a girly girl but she is both a girly girl and a Tom boy. She put her hai up in a pony tail and ran to town (yes, she put on shoes before she went) and went to find a little kid (or a older kid to play with.) she looked and saw a little kid who seemed around six years old and saw someone getting close in a weird way and they grabbed the kid by hand and ran. Briella saw and rushed over and said ‘What do you think your doing?!’ And they turned around and said ‘stealing this child, and what are you going to do about it little girl?’ And at this point the little kid was crying. And people where watching as she said ‘YOU CALL ME LITTLE GIRL YOU DIE!’ And kicked the man in the stomach and punched him in the face and just beat him up untill he surrendered. She took the child and said ‘Are you okay?’ And the kid nodded and the mother ran and said ‘thank you for saving my child!’ And Briella said ‘Your welcome!’ And Yakko Wakko and Dot came and said ‘what happened?’ And ten people said ‘this kid saved a child from a kidnapper!’ And Briella glitter transformed and everybody looked at her and she flew back to her house and the Warners followed her and she tugged her hair and she turned normal. After that she told the Warners a little sad ‘why are you guys here?’ And they said ‘you flew away so we wanted to check on you!’ And she said ‘I was not supposed to show lavy in public. And it transformed me because I felt danger.’ And Wakko said ‘please do it agian!’ And she said ‘fine. Only one more time.’ And she said ‘glitter transform!’ And it said ‘activate glitter pact!’ And she said ‘aply shades of power!’ ‘Poof! Poof! Glitter bands! Poof poof glitter boots! I’m glitter tastic!’ And her hair turned lavender and her hair got big and went into giant pigtails and she said ‘sugar! Spice! and everything nice! You call me little girl you die! I’m glitter Lavy! And landed and Yakko and Wakko said ‘Helloooo Lavy!’ And kissed her and she looked at Yakko then Wakko and her eyes rolled back and fainted and Dot said ‘Guys! She’s nine years old! She does not know what and why your kissing her!’ And Wakko said ‘sorry couldn’t help it..’ and Yakko just said ‘pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty’ and Dot smashed Yakko with a mallet and Briella said ‘mommy.. daddy...?’ And Wakko tilted his head and Briella woke up and looked at her hair and tugged it and turned back to normal and just went in her house and went to her bed and just collapsed on it and said ‘what a morning.. and to believe it’s just 11am.’ and soon her eyes closed and when she woke up it was 1pm and she looked outside and the Warner kids were gone so she put on a bathing suit and played in a river near by her house. After a wile she wanted to study the Warner kids because she’s never seen anything like them so she got out graved a note book, changed and grabbed a pencil and went out the door and it was 3pm and she looked around town since she did not know where they lived and she got to the Warner bros water tower and thought if Yakko and Wakko where the Warner brothers then that means... oh! That must be there house. So she tried to climb up and it took her 3 minutes to climb it and she knocked and said ‘Yakko? Wakko? Dot?’ And she heard ‘I’ll get it!’ And she thought that was Wakko and she heard ‘No sibs, I go this.’ And knew that was Yakko and then the tower opened and Yakko said ‘Helloooooo Briella!’ And she said ‘Brie or Brie Brie is also a option. Of course I don’t have many people who call me that, only Wakko calls me by one of my nick names I thought where cute.’ And she said ‘can I come in?’ And Yakko said ‘Sure.’ And she stepped inside and saw Dot reading and Wakko playing with a fake sword. And she started taking notes and Yakko said ‘what are ya doing?’ And she looked up and said ‘I’m taking notes.’ And Yakko said ‘why? And she said ‘I wanted to examine you guys. Have not seen any like you and your siblings.’ And he said ‘Are we interesting to watch?’ Wile posing. And she laughed and wrote down ‘dramatic Yakko’ and said ‘Yes.’ With a smile and Yakko said ‘Hey I’m not dramatic!’ And Briella said ‘it’s not a bad thing. I like it’s fun to be friends or family with people who make you laugh. But some people go for looks. Honestly I think I’m more likely to have a crush on a nerd then jock. But I get asked out all the time and I reject, I’m to young to date. At the least I will date at 11 but I’m not sure. And Yakko said ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ And she said ‘oh boy.’ And she took some glasses out of her pocket and put them on and Yakko said ‘oh I didn’t know you needed glasses.’ And Briella said ‘oh! Uh I don’t. I just like them, I think the look Is cute!’ And then she asked ‘How old are you?’ And Yakko said ‘I’m 14’ and she said ‘okay..’ and wrote Yakko is 14 years old. And went to Dot and said ‘Hi Dot. What is your full name and your age?’ And Dot said ‘oh. It’s Princess Angelina contessa Louisa Frenchesca banana fanna bo besca the third.’ She said fast thinking Briella would ask agian because she said it but Briella said ‘So it’s princess Angelina contessa Louisa frenchesca banana fanna bo besca the third?’ And Dot was surprised and said ‘Mhm. And I’m 10’ and Briella said ‘okay.’ And went to Wakko and said ‘hi Wakko. How old are you?’ And Wakko said ‘I’m 11.’ And she said ‘Okay.’ And said went to Yakko ‘I think I’m gonna go now.’ And Yakko said ‘Uhhhhhhhhhhhh okay.’ And Yakko Wakko and Dot saw as she jumped off the water tower and they gasped as she went flying down but she seemed calm and she grabbed the pole and slid down really fast and slowed down at the end and said ‘Love ya guys! Bye!’ And it was true. She loved Yakko Wakko and Dot. They where her Best Friends.

Episode 5: Valentine’s Day

One day Briella woke up and looked at her calendar. It was February 12. She had two days to make valentines for Yakko Wakko and Dot. She was exited because she never made valentines for people, she just got many valentines and it was from a bunch of boys. So what she did was she grabbed a pencil, paper and closed her eyes and pictured Dot. Then she drew her face, ears, flower, skirt and drew her body. She looked at it and put Happy Valentine’s Day Dot! And drew a heart then made one of Yakko and Wakko by the time she was done it was 10am so she colored it all and then it was 10:44. Meanwhile at the water tower.. Wakko went to Dot and said ‘Dot, what should I get Briella? I’m not sure what she likes.’ And Dot said ‘she seemes like a artsy type and a person who likes reading. I got her a Glitter force Dokie Dokie disc. I don’t thing she watched that sequel yet.’ And Wakko said ‘Okay thanks!’ And went to Yakko and told him and they both went out to the shops. On Valentine’s Day Briella had school at 8am. When she got out it was 1pm. She went home, got the valentines and went to the Warner Siblings house and knocked and Dot opened and said ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’ And Yakko and Wakko came and said ‘Hellooooooo nurse!’ And Briella said ‘Hi Yakko,Wakko,and Dot!’ And she gave Dot her picture and Dot said ‘That looks just like me!’ And she gave her the glitter force Dokie Dokie disc and Briella said ‘Thaks Dot! I haven’t watched this one yet!’ And she gave Wakko the drawing and Wakko said ‘wow Brie Brie! That’s so cool! And he gave her a book about himself and she laughed and said ‘thanks Wakko!’ And gave Yakko the picture and Yakko said ‘Wow! Talented nurse! Now that’s why you also need this!’ And he gave her a 20 marker pack and Briella said ‘Wow! Thanks a lot Yakko!’ And she hugged Dot then kissed both Yakko and Wakko on the cheek and said ‘Bye!’ And jumped off and flew down the pole. Yakko and Wakko both where sitting in the table with there tongues hanging out with hearts In there eyes. Dot looked at them and said ‘I think she likes them..’ and for the rest of the day they stayed like that and Briella wrote in her diary and then read the book Wakko gave her and read “crush is: Briella and the harp lady” and she said ‘Too much information’ and she noticed it was 4pm. And Yakko and Wakko said ‘Time for a song!’ And Briella said ‘Uh oh... I think I know how this is gonna go..’ Wakko started singing ‘she hello nurse! Number two! There ain’t a thing she can’t do she’s got a heart like that’s as sweet as a treat and 124 iq!’ Briella said ‘Wakko, it’s 125 iq.’ And Yakko sang ‘speaks Spanish and Japanese! And her head piece always matches with her shoes! On the street everywone turns around and says Hi cute little girl! Briella said ‘Guys. Your just making half this up from the OG Hello nurse song!’ And Wakko sang ‘she played Dorothy in a school play! Whenever she walks by I say hellooo nurse! She reads every night! She’s hello nurse number 2! Two bad she’s only nine. If she’s not all we said may lightning strike us dead.’ Lightning struck them and Briella ran to them and said ‘Oh my god are you okay?!’ And she picked them up and Both Yakko and Wakko kissed her and she said ‘boys.. go figure.’ And Yakko said ‘Says the one who kissed us a few hours ago.’ And Briella said ‘You guys are like the only people that are like family to me. I may be popular at school but I’m not really friends with people.’ then Wakko said ‘Hey you should sing something!’ Briella said ‘oh. I don’t think so..’ she was shy about singing in front of people. And Wakko said ‘we kiss you every hour if you don’t do it.’ Send her eyes widened and she said ‘Okay okay, I’ll do it. Soft or loud?’ Yakko Wakko and Dot said ’Soft.’ And she said ‘You have the choice of somewhere over the rainbow and, when the party’s over. And Dot Yakko and Wakko chose when the party’s over. And Briella said ‘Okay,’ and she started singing: ‘don’t you know I’m no good for you? I’ve learned to lose you, can’t afford to. Tore my shirt to stop you bleedin’ but nothing ever stops you leavin’ quite when I’m comin’ home and I’m on my own. I could lie and say I like it like that like it like that.. I could lie and say I like it like that like it like that...’ Yakko said ‘Briella! That was amazing!’