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Tasha is a spoiled rich girl and a main rival of Jessi, she's always mocking Jessi along with Flankie and is jealous that most kids find Jessi popular because of her fame and wants to humiliate Jessi. Tasha doesn't like toons or anything zany, she's in to more classy Girly fashionable things, Tasha thinks its weird that Jessi goes to a school that has toons in it, Tasha considers Jessi and Flankie "weirdo geeks"

Appearance and Personality[]

Tasha has brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin, her dress is pink with yellow, green and red spots and wears white leggings with pink shoes. Tasha is spoiled, heartless, not very smart, demanding and self obsessed and she hates toons.


"Weirdo geeks"

"Keep those freak toons away from me Jessi loser!"