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Thrice the Show

Left to right: Wanda, Olivia, Sam

The Shoe siblings are a trio of siblings featured in Wakko, Yakko, and Dot's segments, sometimes having their own. A popular running gag involves people mispronouncing their last names as "shoe" when it's actually pronounced "show". They're the Warner Bros. Studios newest interns/trainees under the care of Dr. Scratchansniff.


Wanda Shoe - Wanda is the oldest out of the 3. She is a true tomboy at heart. She hates wearing skirts and dresses and anything "girly". She doesn't really trust the Warner brothers and hates it when they go all "Helloooooo Nurse!" on her.

Olivia Shoe- Olivia is the middle child and 2nd twin. She is the complete opposite of her sister. She is a young lady with a lot of class. She loves fashion and always talks in an English-like accent. She loves the Warner brothers and Warner sister and catches Yakko and Wakko's eye every time.

Sam Shoe - Sam is the youngest of the three and is a big ball of energy.