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The first season of the American award-winning spin-off series The Warners, and You! premiered on September 4th, 2008, and concluded on January 17th, 2009, with a brand-new one hour season finale.

The season consisted of 28 episodes (66 segments), and 2 special Pinky and the Brain: Tune-In-Chaos! episodes. This season was also the most watched out of all the six seasons and the 28 specials releasing on Hulu (briefly from 2014-2017}, Netflix (also briefly from September-December 2019), and finally landing its home on Paramount Plus, with the specials being launched bi-yearly.

Season Premise:[]

Join Yakko, Wakko, and Dot as they bring zany wit and humor back to the Wanrer Brothers. Studio Lot in this all-new series premiere.


1. A Table for Three/Scratch-It-Sniff!/A Warners Ballad The Warners try and eat out. Doctor Scratchnsniff tries to become a DJ for the local Kids Charity Prom. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot sing a song to their arch-enemy.

2. Nightly Charmers/Scare-O-Lympics/Whanks-Wiving Pinky and the Brain go on a nightly shopping spree. Rita and Runt fail miserably to scare everyone in their hometown. The Warners, alongside every past Animanaics star celebrate Thanksgiving.

3 Wakko's PonlyPanps/The Do It-Dont' It Song Wakko starts up posting content for his fans on a social media platform. The Warners sing about what you don't do and what you do.

4. Plans for the Mans/Seeds of Acme Falls/Swapped! Pinky and the Brain try to plan-out their next big gig. Some seeds that have been planted at Acme Falls have found their way back to Burbank. Wakko, Yakko, and Dot all switch their personalities.

5. Uplaoding for Fame! Wakko goes back onto his PonlyPanps account to upload some more spicy content, but without warning, was met with a temporary ban for something that he didn't even post.

6. Masterplans Gone to Waste/Where's Waldo/Pin the Tail on the Wakko! Brain conjures up the biggest plan he's ever done in this half-hour special segment. Wakko and Dot play a quick game of Where's Waldo. At a child's birthday party, Wakko proves himself to be the star of the show, when he becomes the center of attention of one of the main party games.

7. Doofus and Doofier/Yakko the Great! Pinky and the Brain both try out the newest potion on the block, which ultimately makes them dumb. Yakko decides to become a grand-wizard!.

8. Zanied to the Max/Pushing his Limits/Super-Wakko When the Warner Siblings drink too much coffee, they go on a very zany adventure. Pinky pushes Brain's thinking limits a little too hard. Wakko decides to become a superhero.

9. Idiot/Wakkos Super-Ultimate Food Idea! Brain and Pinky both take a personality and IQ test. Wakko decides to take the food supply of the entire universe.

10. A Special Pinky and the Brain Cartoon/Wakko's Un-WIshed/I'm Not with Stupid In this very special cartoon, Brain and Pinky both try and revert themselves to their normal ways. Basically a parody of Wakkos Wish if Wakko never got to the Wishing Star in time. Pinky and the Brain both try and go to a testing lab, but fail due to their over-arching stupidity this season.

11. A Slappy and Skippy Halloween!/The Types of Candy Song/Brain-Freezed Slappy and Skippy both try to look their best for Halloween night. Wakko, Yakko, and Dot sing about the types of candy that there currently are in the world, in under 2 minutes. Yakko and Wakko both get a brain-freeze, so Dot has to take care of them for an entire day.

12. Back to the Ponlys Wakko logs into his PonlyPanps account yet again, and finds to his shock that someone did the same thing to his account as they did before.

13. De-Animated/The Devil's Son/They Don't Do This in Hollywood! The Warners, as well as the rest of their cartoony community, have been de-animated. Satan gets his very own child. Minerva Mink returns after a brief absence, and decides to have some fun with the three siblings.

14. We're now Stupidly on Probation/Wakky, Smakky, and Bakky!/Kids Can't Have What They Want Pinky and the Brain both stupidly get on probation when they accidentally crashed into an adoption center, due to their rock-brains. The three original warners return to teach their final designs some manners. The Warners explain that not every kid can get what they want.

15. Captain Brex the Wretched/Back in Land Zero/Krypton comes to Play A daring sea-pirate by the name of Captain Brex visits the Warners. Doctor ScratchnSniff, as well as a majority of the side/supporting cast get sucked into a plain white void with seemingly no exit. Superman decides to bring his entire planet to Burbank, California.

16. You Don't See That Everyday! Wakko and Yakko both experience some crazy things.

17. You Must'nt Touch the Remote!/Pinky's Life Lessons/Into the Stupid-Verse When Wakko keeps on touching the sibling's remotes without their permissions, they set up a sneaky, and somewhat effective trap. Pinky, even though still being stupid, learns some valuable life-lessons. Pinky and the Brain accidentally open a portal to multiple worlds.

18. A Totally Tuned-Up Sing-Along The Animaniacs, as well as everyone else on the show, celebrate their top 90 favorite picks from both this series, and the original series.

19. Daffy Duck and the Looney Tunes' Change of Fame/The sour but Sweet Grape When Daffy Duck and the rest of the Looney Tunes decide to retire, he decides to reside with the warners for a week while the rest of his gang rests all over California. When a sour grape named Thomascomes to Burbank, he becomes sour after the short-lived death of his wife.

20. A Hare-Raising Adventure Contains two original Looney Tunes shorts.

21. What even Are We?/Wakko the Busboy/ Chinese Food Disastar The Warners try to figure out what/or who they even are. Wakko decides to become a Busboy. After Pinky and the Brain orders Chinese Food for everyone, things take a turn for the stupidly worse.

22. Always the Facts!/ Freedom and Hope/The "Updated" Presidents Song Pinky and the Brain try to tally up how many times each character had said fact either in its plural, or regular formats. The Warners, Runt, Rita, and the Goodfeathers sing about Freedom and Hope for the future. The Warners continue from where they left off, while still continuing the original presidents song.

23. A Mice that Bites/Another SIng-Along Collection Pinky suddenly becomes hostile to everyone. Everyone on Animaniacs decides to host another favorite song countdown.

24. An Electrifying Discovery/Words can Hurt/Ball Game Brain discovers that Pinky is really his adoptive nephew. A classic take on children's television. After their wrap-up party for the last episode, everyone decides to go watch the annual ball game.

25. Hippos and Bippos 2 segments featuring the late Hip-Hippos

26. Setting up Mickey's Mouse-Trap After discovering that Pinky never ate his prized golden cheese last night, Brain sets a trap for whoever stole his prized cheese.

27. A Mid-Season Reflection/Prelics and the Dark Revival/The Witch and the Witchess Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, as well as other recurring characters, reflect on all of the amazing adventures they've had. A grand-wizard named Prelics the Great tries to conjure up some spells. A Witch trains a Witch-In-Training.

28. Out The Un-Looking Glass/Bottle in a Lightning/Free at Last! A girl named Alice Buckweed goes for a walk in an alternate twist to this fairy-tale adventure. Pinky and Brain both get shocked by lightning, and again, ending up switching bodies.

Season 1 TV and Streaming broadcasts:[]

  1. Hulu (2014-2017)
  2. DirectTV (2008-2010)
  3. Boomerang (both Canada and US 2019-2020)
  4. Comedy Central UK (with edits from 2020-2021)
  5. Channel 4 (with occasional reruns from May-October 2011)
  6. Amazon Prime (2009)
  7. SlingTV (2008-2010)
  8. Apple TV (2010-2012)
  9. Fandago Movies and TV (September-December of 2018)
  10. Nickelodeon (in syndication from September-May of 2016)

Season 1 DVD releases:[]

The Warners, and You!: The Complete First and Second Season (2013)

The Warners, and You!: The First Fifteen Episodes (2014)

The Warners, and You!: Yakkos' Guide to Best Episodes Ever! (2020)

Pinky and the Brain: Unsolved Mysteries (2020)

Pinky and the Brain: Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 (2020)

Pinky and the Brain: Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 (2022)

The Warners, and You!: Daily Tune-In-Check (2024)

The Warners, and You!: The Complete Series! (2024)

Season 1 Album Releases:[]

The Warners, and You!: Songs from the First Season! (2014)


Season 1 of this series began on June 2nd, 2002, when Steven Speilberg announced that a reboot of Animaniacs is in development, and would be out of its planning and idea stages in 2005. There was also a secret text under the show's original logo that read "If you're resding this, then that means that you're watching Animaniacs! Coming in just a few years from now!" which many people and OG fans thought was pretty clever.

In April of 2003, Steven released a short Teaser Trailer for this new reboot.

On March 5th, 2003, Rob Paulsen shared some voice files for the newer Yakko Warner voice that the studio was going to use. Sadly, as of 2021, those audio files have now been deleted off of the original site it has been posted on, and has now been dubbed as "Lost Media".

On March 28th, 2003, Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, and Tress MacNeille also revealed that the Theme Song from the original series had been re-worked and revamped as well, also including new and improved lyrics.

In the New Year of 2004, It was reveled by the original voice cast that all of them would be reprising their roles except for Cree Summers, Frank Welker, and most notably, all of the voices of the Goodfeathers.

On December 30th, 2005, a new audio recording of the songs I'm Mad, The Ballad of Magellan, and Yakko's World, had been leaked. Also on this day, Cree Summers would reveal that episode direction for the new series was still going to be like the original 1993-1998 series, but slightly toned down with the variety.