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The episode opens with Scrath 'n' Wak eating breakfast as R.I.C.K. (Mel Gibson) briefs them on some recent out-of-character behavior from the mayor (Mr.Plotz): while waving at a recent public appearance, rather than waving his hand back and forth as he usually does, he transformed into a wolf with fiery red eyes and ran howling off into the misty night. Doof 'n' Puss disguise themselves as a magician and her assistant in an attempt to get closer to the mayor. However, the mayor's aide hands the mayor an undercover photo of Scrath 'n' Wak buying their disguises, blowing their cover. The mayor sends out a group of ninja vampires to defeat them. Scrath 'n' Wak fight off the ninja vampires as various objects inexplicably explode. However, Scrath 'n' Wak are soon cornered. Scrath 'n' Wak are tied up and thrown in a storage closet, surprised to see the mayor tied up along with them. He explains that he is in fact the real mayor and has been replaced by a phony shapeshifter. Wakko is able to free himself with his magician skills... and also scissors. He and Doof face off against the phony mayor, who transforms into a giant monster. Then Steven Spielberg rejects it and changes it to the Wakko and his girlfriend.


  • Dr.Scrathnsniff as Dr.Doofenshrmitz
  • Wakko as Perry
  • Mel Gibson as R.I.C.K (part 1)
  • Mr.Plotz as The Mayor/Punk fake mayor guy (part 1)
  • Steven Spielberg as Jeff McGarland
  • Buster as Reproter/Ninja Vampire (part 1)
  • Jhonny Pew/Dizzy as other Ninga Vampires (part 1)
  • Hello Nurse as Girlfriend (part 2)
  • Yakko as Wakko's replacement (part 2)