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Note: This article is about a real character, but with fanon information.

rudy mink
[[Rudy Mink|px]]
Rudy in the eyes of males

Full name

Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way




mexico person (kinda)

Eye Color:

baby blue


a mink and witch

Hair/Fur Color:

Hair: Black
Fur: White


Why must Satan make me so beautiful? i am the fanciest no one can think im a person "humming tiny toons"

Debut Appearance:

Animaniacs! Episode 3 Episode 8

Voiced By

abby from sesame street


Hogwarts and mexico

Rudy Mink also known as Mary sue is the one who appers in Zany to the Max


She likes wearing famous dresses to attract hobos she also has tap heels the cops think she is a bad person they tried to shoot her down but she was portected by buttons mindy and hello nurse they told them she is not a bad guy but her parents left her as a homeless person until she built a home herself


  1. So far, she's appeared in 3 to 8 episodes of every segment, causing the males to continually fawn, much to the female counterpart's dismay


wokka warner[]

  • Acquaintance (but wokka warner is desperate to marry her)

Warko Florp[]

  • Crush

Dit Warner[]

  • 2nd-Best Friend

Hello Nurse[]

  • 3rd-Best Friend

Minerva Mink[]

  • BFF

Yokko Varner[]

  • Boyfriend

Wokka Varner[]

  • Married

All Other Boys[]

  • Friends (but they fawn over her)