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The Proto-Warners are the evil counterparts who have been rejected by their creator and want revenge on The "Real" Warners for replacing them



The Proto-Warners were created in the early 90's during the pre-production of the orginal show, but then they were later scrapped and brought to Proto-Land.And Since then they wanted to get out to get revenge of their replacemnts.

Planning on RevengeEdit

[Only the part where they wound up in the real world the 1st time is shown as flashback the rest was only mentioed]

About 22 years later they finally ended up into the real world (thanks to one of Wokka's inventions) then after she destroyed the orginal version they used Smacky to threaten her to tell them where the Warners are ,but luckily she build a device to send them back to Proto-Land.Then the next morning they told the Proto-Concil about their counterparts so they decalred a trail.Then that night Yakky took control of Wokka's brain and forced her to build another version of the invention with a few changes like you need the real versions (you know to get closer to the Warners) insted of a photograph.


[WARNING:contains spoilers!!!!!]

Then they finally ended back in the real world pretendeing they only came to tell the Warners that The Proto-Council is having a trial to see who is the good twins and the bad twins well so far they were the good twins, but The Varners soon learn that their the evil twins (triplets counting Smacky and Wacky being the same person) after being kidnapped by them then the next morning before the Warners have been announced the evil twins Yokko explains what happened to them only to be latered to be acompanied by a video tape shot by the Warners' duck orgins and the Warners have been announced the good twins (and triplet) and the protos were announced evil and suffered cruel and very,very,very extermelly unusal punishment for being the evil ones,double the pain for false evidence (of being good), and triple the pain for kidnapping the Varners



Family MembersEdit

  • Yakky (voiced by Michelle Creber, Dan Castellaneta in "The Proto-Warners Strikes Back"):the leader of the pack and Yakko's counterpart who unlike him sounds like a girl and with a Southren Accent (based on the quotes scarpped from The Animaniacs bible) because of this he is often mistaken for a girl. Since Revenge of the Proto-Types he has had a crush on Princess (due to her being from New Orleans and having a Valley girl accent). In the Animaniacs TV movie, "The Proto-Warners Strikes Back". He is voiced by Dan Castellaneta, and has a baritone voice and personality similar to Genie from "Disney's Aladdin", instead of Michelle Creber's usual "valley girl" voice.
  • Smacky (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried):is the source of Wakko's aggresion and design and the most aggresive of the group even more aggresive than Wakko and also has an actual Amercian accent while Wakko has a Scouse accent
  • Wacky (voiced by Tom Kenny):the source of Wakko's weirdness who is also coincidently who Dok and Sakko were modeled after.
  • Daisy (voiced by Cathy Cavadini):the boys' sister, or cousin, or in some cases not realted and is also evil like the rest of them, but has a split personality. She is the only one in the group to be re-named since her real name was unknown. She sounds like Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls due to the fact that she is voiced by Catherine Cavadini.