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"Prince Ali (Reprise)" is a song from the Disney movie, "Aladdin". It is used in 321SPONGEBOLT's version of the episode, "Cutie and the Beast". The song plays after Dot says to Yakko "Oh dry up!" after finally being able to say her full name without screwing up, all thanks to Singer Hood removing Waldo's curse off-screen. The characters from "Tiny Toon Adventures" even make cameos during the parade.


Chorus: ♪Make way for Prince Ali! Say hey! It's Prince Ali!♪

(Background Singer is revealed in green archery clothes)

Singer Hood: ♪Hey, clear the way, in the old bazaar.♪

Hey, you! Let me through!

♪I'm a bright new star. Oh come, be the first, on your block to meet my eye!♪

♪Make way, here I come! Ring bells, bang the drums!♪

Babes Bunny: ♪You're gonna love this guy!♪

Singer Hood: ♪Prince Ali! Fabulous me! Ali Ababwa!♪

♪Genuflect [Jen-you-fleck-t], show some respect, down on one knee!♪

♪Now try your best to stay calm, brush up your Sunday salaam, then come and meet my spectacular coterie!♪

♪Prince Ali! Mighty, that's me! Ali Ababwa!♪

(Background Singer flexes a few poses)

♪Strong as ten regular men, definitely!♪

♪I faced the galloping hordes, a hundred bad guys with swords! Who sent those goons to their lords?♪

Crowd: ♪Why Prince Ali!♪

Singer Hood: That's me.

(We see the other Background Singers, in the roles of the Singer Hood's merry men. They can be seen lifting statues of golden camels.)

Male Background Singers: ♪He's got seventy-five [75] golden camels!♪

Babes Bunny (Dressed as a news reporter): Don't they look lovely, Joan?

(A group of female performers are shown on a float of purple peacocks. The ladies are even presented in peacock dresses.)

Female Performers: ♪Purple peacocks, he's got fifty-three [53]!♪

Babes Bunny (Doing an impression of Joan Rivers): Fabulous, Harry. I love the feathers.

Singer Hood: ♪When it comes to exotic type mammals...♪

Do I have a zoo? I'm telling you!

Singer Hood, Gogo Dodo, and Chorus: ♪It's a world-class menagerie!♪

Singer Hood: ♪Prince Ali!♪

Female Chorus (Simultaneously as Singer Hood): ♪There's no question this Ali's alluring, never ordinary, never boring.♪

Singer Hood: ♪Handsome, that's me! Ali Ababwa!♪

Babes Bunny: ♪That physique!♪

Female Chorus (Simultaneously as Babes): ♪Everything about the man just plain impresses!♪

Babes Bunny: ♪How can I speak weak at the knee?♪

Singer Hood: ♪Well, get on out in that square.♪

Female Chorus (Simultaneously as Singer Hood): ♪He's a winner, he's a whiz, a wonder!♪

Singer Hood: ♪Adjust your veil and prepare...♪

Female Chorus (Simultaneously as Singer Hood): ♪He's about to pull my heart asunder!♪

Singer Hood: ♪To gawk, and grovel, and stare at Prince Ali!♪

Female Chorus (Simultaneously as Singer Hood): ♪And I absolutely love the way he dresses!♪

Singer Hood: That's me.

Chorus: ♪He's got ninety-five [95] white Persian monkeys!♪

Yakko and Wakko: ♪He's got the monkeys! Let's see the monkeys!♪

Chorus: ♪And to view them, he charges no fee!♪

Singer Hood: I'm generous. (Throws a bag of gold to a group of girls in the crowd)

Girls in the crowd: ♪He's generous! So generous!♪

Singer Hood and Chorus: ♪I've (He's) got slaves, I've (he's) got servants, and flunkies.♪

Male Background Singers: ♪Proud to work for him.♪

(Singer Hood snaps his fingers, halting his float and having the other Background Singers gather around him.)

Chorus: ♪They bow to his whim, love serving him!♪

♪They're just lousy with loyalty to Ali! Prince Ali! Prince...♪

Babes Bunny: And, here he comes!

(At the end of "Ali", the other Background Singers have Singer Hood lifted from his arms. They soon lower him down)

Chorus: ♪A... LI! Amorous he, Ali Ababwa!♪

Singer Hood: ♪Heard your sister was a sight! (Shakes Dot's hand) Lovely to see!♪

♪And that good people is why, I got dolled up and dropped by.♪

Background Singers and Chorus: ♪With sixty [60] elephants! Llamas galore! With his bears and lions, a brass band and more!♪

♪With his forty [40] fakirs, his cooks, his bakers, his birds that warble on key! Make way...!♪

Singer Hood: For me!

Singer Hood and Chorus: ♪I'm (For) Prince... Ali!♪♪

(Background Singer/Singer Hood and his crew bow to Dot on the last note)


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