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Pinky and the Brain is an upcoming American slapstick comedy action adventure television series and will serve as the original 1995 series. Like the Animaniacs reboot, this will be developed by Steven Speilberg and Wesley Wild for the streaming services Hulu, Paramount Plus and Amazon Prime Video. A DVD release for this series is also expected. This new reboot sees thw return of both Pinky and well, The Brain of course, still trying to hatch plots to "take over the world" but they'll still end up getting foiled by every single random thing on the block. The series will premiere on an undisclosed date and it'll reportedly have 5 brand new 35-episode seasons with occasional segments serving as their own separate show.

Confirmed Voice Cast:[]

Rob Paulsen as: Pinky, Yakko {episode cameos}, Pinketh {new character created just for the reboot}

Maurice LaMarchie as: The Brian

Tress MacNeille as: The First Lady, Dot {episode cameos}

Frank Welker as: The President {20 episodes only}

Jeff Bennett as: Baloney {4 episodes only}

Jim Cummings as: Welles {14 episodes only}

Jess Harnell as: Alien Singer, Wakko {episode cameos]

Mark Hamil as: Jimmy Joe JR {14 episodes only}

Ben Stein as: Francis "Pip" Pumphandle {An entire season}

Danny Jacobs as: Starbox

Stephanie Escajeda as: Norita [2 episodes only}

Maria Bamford as: Julia Brian {full series and occasionally as a special guest in most 11 minute filler episodes}

Nancy Cartwright as: Rudy Mookich

Cree Summer as: Elmyra

Ed Begley Jr. as: Lloyd Oldtire

Jane Wiedllin as: Vanity White

Leaked/de-confirmed/rumored voices:[]

1. Trey Parker

2. Martin Short

3. Ben Stiller

4. Matt Stone {atleast in a single episode alongside Trey Parker, as said by a Reddit user}

5. Christopher Columbus {director}

6. Betty White

Season 1 Episode List:[]

Season 1 of Pinky and the Brain started on February 8th, TBD and concluded on November 29th, TBD. It consisted of 35 Half-hour/11 minute episodes and a total of 35 segments. The season was orginally going to end in Decemeber with a three-part Christmas special titled Pinky and the Brain's Christmas Escapade and was originally going to star Star Wars actor James Earl Jones {most known for his role as Darth Vader] but the Christmas specials were scrapped and never found until it was confirmed that we would be getting these 3 unnamed specials near the end of Season 4. In the middle of the First Season, a Pinky and the Brain styled talk-show spinoff series was created titled Pinky and Brain's Would You Rather but ultimately got cancelled shortly after the fourth episode of it's second season, lasting for a total of 23 1 hour episodes.

S1E1: Mouse in the House!/Your Shoe's Untied: Brain attempts to seize control of the White House and convinces Joe Biden {using mind control} to make Brain the world's ultimate ruler. Larry teaches the children how to tie their shoe laces in the style of an 11-minute arobic exercise parody, but is immediatley shut down by both Pinky and Brain because of copyright.

S1E2: Control/Cheese if you Please: Pinky teaches the young audience about "self-control". Pinky and the Brain return to where Brain was captured as a young mouse, and Brain decides to do the Cheese test after all these years, to finally prove his worth.

S1E3: Copyright Ain't Got Nothin': In this 1 hour special, find out what happens when Pinky tries to own Animaniacs's original songs as his own.

S1E4: Brain Gets Schooled/The Lock-Up!: After a freak accident that made Brain turn into a teenager again, he now must suffer his second remaining years of suffrage at Acme University. After a misunderstanding from Ralph. T Guard, the duo find themselves in a maxuimum secuirty rodent prison and must use techniques from action/spy movies to escape.

S1E5: Lunar VS. Solar: In this 45 minute episode, Pinky and The Brain teaches us about Solar Eclipses and Lunar esclipses but, disaster strucks during the episode, Brain gets blinded!.

S1E6: The Total Takeover/Wakko Makes Music: Brain now craves world domination, and his first act of terror would be to takeover the financial areas of every major city in the United States. Wakko remembers the glory days about making and singing his original songs, and must need the aid of Brain to conduct a new music piece that everyone would enjoy.

S1E7: Warners Go North!/The Pinky and The Brain Talk-Cast: Yakko, Wakko and Dot annoy the citizens of Burbank California so much that Pinky and The Brain must now do something about it. PInky gets a brilliant idea about merging a talk show and a podcast into one, thus creating the "Talk-Cast!".

S1E8: Don't Test Me, Bub/The Unexpected Brat Returns: When a big mouse named Bobby Boy storms into Acme Labs and gets on the duo's nerves, they got into action to try and berid him from their billion-dollar lab/home. Elmyra makes a surprsing return.

S1E9: A FortKnight Game Knight: In this 20 mintue episode, Pinky introduces Brain to a Battle Royale Shooter-type game.