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Season 1, Episode 1
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When Rocky builds a portal the Paw Patrol travwl to Burbank and run into the warners.


  1. Yakko
  2. Wakko
  3. Dot
  4. Rocky
  5. Marshall
  6. Chase
  7. Zuma
  8. Skye
  9. Rubble
  10. Everest
  11. Tracker
  12. Tuck
  13. Ella
  14. Sweetie
  15. Rex
  16. Reverest
  17. Snowstorm
  18. Tuck

Rocky: Where are we?

Snowstorm: It says here on this map that we are at Burbank California. In hollywood.

Reverest: It's always my dream to be in hollywood.

Everest: Time to sing my song.

Everest's hollywood song[]

Everest: In the 1920s Hollywood started it had some stars and they though on a cartoon, and that is how DC and Looney Tunes was made and then on the 1990s the show called animaniacs were made and then they were cancelled for 22 years.

Tuck: That's long.

Everest: And then in 2001 WB made a 10 year series called Harry Potter.

Marshall: Which now has a Fantastic Beasts spinoff.

Everest: They had Teen Titans and Ninjago and the two lego movies and they partnered with Hulu for a reboot.

Pinky and Sweetie[]

Pinky: So what do you want to do tonight?

Sweetie: The same thing I do everey night Pibky, try to take over Barkingburg.

Their Pinky and Sweetie , one is a genius the other's insane.



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