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Pakko Warner
Pakko Warner

Full name

Paul William Pakko Normany Gerard Warner




Dakko and Samantha Warner Jot Warner, Sikko Warner, Makko Warner and Rokko Warner Wakko Warner, Yakko Warner, Dot Warner, Princess Angelina Freancesa Bananna Bo Besca The First




Character Cartoonus

Hair/Fur color



"Hello Nurse!!"
"Easy on the tush!" "call me pakky YOU DIE!!

Voiced by

hr (Zany to the Max)

  • Maddox121 (Animaniacs 2019)

pakko "james normany gernard" warner is the cousin of yakko wakko and dot but some of the people call him prince james gernard abra soupa the fourth his nick name is paul william he is sometimes fussy and selfish but he also lives in the water tower he loves a hanging out in one day


Paul William "Pakko" Normany Gerard Warner was born on January 7, 2007 in Acme Falls, Warnerstock to no one since no one showed up to his birth. In 2017, when he was 10 years old, he moved to Acme Acres, California, with his siblings, Makko, Jot, and Sikko, and their cousins, Zak and Ko. A year later, they began attending Acme Looniversity, but he went missing on January 7th 2018, his birthday. (his sister Jot is suspected of murdering him) But on December 5th 2018 Pakko was found in New Zealand by John Warner after he had barely escaped from the murderous clutches of Jot.

Pakko, being neglected his whole life, was revealed to be a sociopath and ended up murdering his sister Sikko in cold blood.

In a episode of Animaniacs and Bluey, Pakko makes a cameo appearance in episode Bus, as one of the passengers


  • Pakko is probably a sociopath
  • His 100 yard stare scares the toughest of people and he can see ghosts
  • He has successfully pacified and befriended a Huckel. But not after he murdered his parents