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Not Clowning Around is the first segment of the first episode of the first season of Animaniacs!: A totally-insaney series and the first episode/segment overall. It, along with the series, released on July 6th, 2021.

Segment Synopsis:[]

Wakko is afraid of clowns, so Dot and Yakko make him try and overcome his fear.

Segment Plot:[]

The segment started at the water tower where Yakko, Wakko and Dot watch a horror movie called The Singing of the Lost kids when all of a sudden a clown comes on screen and Wakko cowers in his blanket. Yakko asks him what was wrong and Wakko told him that "Ever since my last clown encounter, I made a promising vow of not seeing a clown, but then one came up on the screen... so...". Yakko and Dot try and think of an idea that might make him overcome his fear, before running off, Wakkp is confused by this.

Wakko walked to the Kitchen to get a drink as Dot surprised him in a clown costume. He ran over to the window where he thought it was safe and Yakko, in his clown costume} appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Wakko by the arm, which made him scream and run in fear.

After that attempt didn't work, they bring him to the Circus where Ringleader Joey dresses up like a clown {As well as everyone else in the circus} which prompted Wakko to run away again. Their third attempt was planning Wakko a surprise birthday but that failed as well, they then think the fourth attempt might solve his clown problem.

They then announce Wakko to come down stairs, which he does. They then sing a cheerful song about why Clowns aren't careful and are actually there to make us have a great time through the song Clown's Aren't That bad!. After the song was over Wakko thanked the siblings about getting rid of his clown problem but was still mad at them about the whole drink thing. They'd chuckle to each other as the segment ends.





Ringleader Joey