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(After the title card, the screen fades from black to reveal the Warner Bros. Studio at night. It's snowing and various townspeople are shown walking around of singing "Deck the Halls".)

Female Chorus: ♪Deck the halls with boughs of holly. Fa la la la la, la la la la. 'Tis the season to be jolly. Fa la la la la... la la... la... la.♪

(Screen cuts to the Warner Bros. water tower all decorated for Christmas. The camera slowly zooms in on the tower entrance and the screen fades to inside. Yakko, Dot, and the Background Singers are putting lights on the Christmas tree. Yakko turns to Wakko, who is writing a Christmas letter to Santa Claus. Yakko stops helping and walks up to his younger brother.)

Yakko: What are you doing, Wakko?

Wakko: I'm writing a letter to Santa, telling him what I want for Christmas.

(Yakko and Background Singer suddenly approach Wakko and look at the letter)

Yakko: Wait a minute, hold the phone. That's not how you spell "Santa".

(Screen focuses on Yakko's hand pointing to the incorrect "Santla" at the top right of the lined paper. If you look closely, you can see some of Wakko's wish list.)

Wakko (Off-screen): It isn't?

(Screen cuts to the three boys on-screen)

Yakko: (Shakes his head) No, you've got it all wrong.

Wakko: Well how do you spell it then?

Background Singer: I may not be much of a spelling expert, but... well...

(Yakko pulls out an easel from behind his human friend, and after Yakko zips into the next shot, he and Background Singer start to harmonize.)

Yakko and Background Singer: ♪To spell Santa's name is easy to do. (Yakko writes the letters spelling "SANTA" diagonally from the top left to the bottom right.) You write S-A-N-T and another "A", too.♪

(Yakko then rights an "L" on the bottom left and crosses it out)

♪But no "L", no "L". Santa's name has no "L", and he won't be too pleased if you don't learn to spell.♪

(Screen cuts to the paper Yakko wrote. Yakko's hand lift the paper up, revealing to reveal a forest. Wakko and Dot play Jack and Jill, who are skipping up the path to the well at the top of the hill. Although Wakko is heard singing, his singing is a voice-over instead of on-screen.)

Wakko and Background Singer (Voice-over): ♪Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch water from the well.♪

Wakko (Voice-over) and Background Singer (On-screen): ♪But when neither one could find it, Jill started to yell...♪

Dot and Background Singer: ♪No well, no well! Can't believe there's no well!♪

Dot: ♪We walked all the way here and I'm mad! Can't you tell?♪

(Screen cuts to the ocean)

Background Singer (Off-screen): Sure, I can tell.

(The camera pans right to a pirate ship. Yakko, Wakko, Dot, and a couple of Background Singers are on the ship as sailors. Yakko hands Captain Ahab a metal harpoon.)

All Background Singers (On-screen): ♪Captain Ahab took his crew, his harpoon, and set sail! And he called out to ships...♪

Captain Ahab (Calling out): Have you seen the white whale?

Sailors (Calling back): ♪No whale, no whale! No, we ain't seen no whale!♪

Sailor #1: Saw a couple of dolphins!

Sailor #2: ♪And a big yellowtail!♪

(Captain Ahab raises an eyebrow)

Background Singer #1: (To Captain Ahab) What they said.

(Captain Ahab growls in frustration and we cut to all the Warners and Background Singers together for the final verse)

Warners and Background Singers: ♪If you've listened to this tune, then you probably can tell that you've heard it before. It's a song you know well.♪

♪Know well, know well. It's a song you know well. And we've ruined it completely, so we all say "Oh well.".♪

♪Oh well, oh well. We'll just say "fare thee well".♪

(A Christmas wreath comes down, with the Warners sticking their heads through it.)

♪Merry Christmas to you, and a joyous noel!♪♪

(Screen fades to the Christmas cards above the fireplace as the camera zooms out. As the song ends, the screen fades to outside the water tower as sleigh bells can be heard ringing. A shadow of Santa riding his reindeer-drawn sleigh flies across the screen from right to left. From up in the sky, Santa yells his iconic words.)

Santa (Voice-over): Ho, ho, ho!

(As soon as the jingling stops, the screen fades to black.)