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"It's alright Yakko, the kids can't see it through the censors." - Turkey Jerky

"Opinions are like guns, idiots shouldn't have them!" - Used Mainly In The Original Series On Many Occasions

"Oh s- *interrupted, usually by Yakko*!"

"Dark humor is like food, not everyone gets it."

"Soldiers and what boys spend an hour in the bathroom doing actually have something in common, the closer you are to discharge, the better you feel."

"Death must be a woman, she'll never come for us."

"Do you guys think we'll teach the kids too much about politics making these kind of politcal jokes? They're not right... or left." - After The President's Song just before the cartoon ends.

"Oh, this is a level, it's for measuring surfaces to see if they're straight. *measures Wakko with the level by placing the level on his shoulder* You're not."

"That's just like the birds and the bees, we can't talk about it here."

"Don't worry, the kids won't understand what it means."

"Helloooooo nurse!"

"I don't think he's refering to his buns, or bunnies." - Bun Control (Reboot)

"Uh oh."

"We're the Warner Brothers (Said with Yakko and Wakko saying the same line in sync with each other, on multiple occasions)!"

"Opinions are like *holding up air quotes* "Buns", idiots shouldn't have them." - Bun Control (Reboot)

"Yakko I thought you inferred this was a kid's show (Referring to Turkey Jerky)!" *Yakko: This is!* Then why is that spam mail trying to kill us brutally?! If I survive, I'm gonna call Hulu to mark this show as TV-14!" - Please Submit (Reboot) ("Coincidentally", Season 2 Was Temporarily Rated TV-14)

"Hulu, I really need some plot armor right about now!" - Please Submit (Reboot)

"Yakko, you're the very model of a cartoon individual, can't you just get the editors to drop anvils on the spam mail?" - Please Submit (Reboot)

"Oh, here it com- *crushed by a pile of anvils*!" - Please Submit (Reboot)

"Why didn't we get NordVPN as a sponsor before the episode started? Or an Ad Blocker installed before Wakko opened the mail?" - Please Submit (Reboot)

"Wait, this is Russia? It looks like Ohio to me." - Anima-Nyet (Reboot)

"Maybe if we microwave a calculator after, we'll be able to play video games on it! Helloooooooooo, Elden Ring!" - Anima-Nyet (Reboot)

"Are you sure we're not refering to a show from 2008-2010 on AMC? I'd say what it is, but the kids might watch it (Refering to Breaking Bad)." - Hindenburg Cola (Reboot)

"Polka Dot?" - King Yakko

"Goodbyeeeeeee nurse!" - In many post credit shorts from the original series, said while in sync with the other Warner siblings, occasionally, the siblings may say something else other than 'Goodbyeeeeeee nurse!'

"Wait, shouldn't that be called a 'pun bun' or pun 'bunny' if we can't even say guns(Refering to Bun Control (Reboot)?" - WhoDonut (Reboot)

"I hope they don't sell "buns" to just anybody. What if a kid bought one and took it to school?" - Bun Control (Reboot)

"Boingey boingey boingey!" - Newsreel Of The Stars intro in many episodes of the original series, said in sync with Yakko, Wakko, and Dot

"Don't worry Nurse, I'm not planning on having intense pain next time I go to use the urinal."

"*After getting zapped by the censor* ACK- what the f- ACK-, stop, that hurts like a bi-, JESU- ACK-, cut it out with that s-, GODDA- ACK, Ok enough! Enough!"

"Wait, since when did it bleep out Dot's language but I'll get whacked if I say sh- *interupted by an anvil*?" - Cutie And The Beast

"You know what spaghetti is? Balls on noodles."

"Did you know if you smell something, you taste a bit of it? *Immediately farts*"

"You know what a burger is? Meat in between two buns. *Yakko: Goodnight Everybody!* How about a hotdog? It's a weiner in between two buns! *Dot: Boys.*"

"Do I have to call Dot cute too? *sigh* Sweet home, Alabama!"

"Women are like KFC, once you finish the thighs and the breast, all you have left is a greasy box to put your bone in."

"That sounds fun to see, sort of like kids falling of bikes, I could watch kids fall of bikes all day!"