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"Dark humor is like food, not everyone gets it."


Nikko has primarily black fur with a red nose and white face and feet, and he has a small tuft of hair-like fur/fur-like hair on the top of his head similar to Pinky, or Yakko in the reboot. He wears a pair of blue trousers. The trousers have a few yellow buttons. He is an anthropomorphic toon of indeterminable species.

During the 1930s, when the Warners were first created, Nikko has the same clothes and appearance from 1993-1998, the only difference being he is in black and white, except his nose which remains red, much like the other Warner siblings during the 1930s.

In the reboot, his face and feet are a warmer color, with his feet now having one spot instead of two. His trousers have a slightly different color too. His nose also has a warmer color, and even his gloves, barely, but noticeable when comparing him from the original series to the reboot, have a little warmer color too.


The Warner siblings' species is never specified, much to the confusion of the other characters. When asked what they are, the Warners will never give a clear response, with their main answer simply being that they are the Warner brothers and the Warner sister; some other responses include "cute" and "infested with fleas."

They have explicitly specified that they are not: bats, bees, bugs/insects, bunnies, cats, dinosaurs dogs, eels, elephants, horses, monkeys, penguins, rabbits, seals or skunks. The siblings, mainly Wakko, do show traits of some of these animals, though; the siblings have been seen howling like wolves or stretching like cats. Wakko especially tends to show canine traits, such as barking, chasing frisbees, or doing tricks for treats.

The Warners seem to have some idea of what they are, though they also do not know entirely, as Dot questioned if their DNA test could reveal such information. Wakko says that he is 5% salamander, before demonstrating an ability to remove and regrow his tail. He also states that he and his siblings are infertile "like mules;" the reference to mules implies that, like them, the Warners are some kind of hybrid. They also do not rule out the possibility of being related to humans.

Series creator Tom Ruegger says that the Warners are simply toons, and that their species is cartoonicus characterus.


A hyper-active, zany, goofy pre-teen, still becoming mature, telling jokes constantly, always watching when to say them, but never watching their filter (Also sometimes terrible at hiding them like innuendos).


Nikko's Main Personality[]

Nikko is very hyper, and likely has A.D.H.D. (Attention Deficit Hyperativity Disorder). Nikko mentions he is 'Hyper to the max' throughout the show, which is an obvious reference to him and the other Animaniacs singing that they're 'zany to the max' in the theme song. He also has a huge degree of zaniness, much like other cartoons of the 1930s, and the other Warner siblings, which mention that they're 'zany to the max' in the theme song. He is also shown to twitch when sitting or staying still, or twitch while standing when he has something with too much sugar, it is unknown how much too much sugar is. He always acts like himself, much like his siblings. He makes jokes all the time, but sometimes needs to learn to say some stuff 'not in front of the kids', as said by Yakko many times.


Much like the Warners and the other characters in Animaniacs, Nikko has his fair share of running gags, including catchphrases, things that happen to him, or sometimes even just gags that happen in "cartoon logic". He also shares some gags with the other Warners/Characters.

Getting Censored[]

Nikko is known for making adult jokes more often than innuendos, to the point where the creators had to create a 'more strict filter', which interrupts Nikko ahead of time before he says an adult joke or a swear word (Especially the occasional "Oh s- (You know what I mean)"), usually by zapping Nikko, dropping dynamite on him, or dropping an anvil over Nikko's head.

Bottomless Trouser Pouch/Pockets[]

Nikko has a huge degree of zaniness, and Nikko and the other Warners are mentioned to be 'zany to the max' in the theme song, as they sing it, and much like many cartoons from the 1930s and the other Warner siblings, he is able to use "cartoon logic" to suit his needs, his siblings needs, or just for the sake of the cartoon. He is able to pull virtually anything out of his trouser's back pockets and his trouser's front pocket. He is seen to pull things out easily, but once he pulls them out they appear to retain their actual weight, as seen when Nikko pulled out an anvil, once he pulled it out of his pocket, it fell to the ground after a moment while Nikko was holding it, and got Nikko's hand stuck momentarily, whereafter he pulled it out from under the anvil, then pulled an ice pack out of his trousers and held it with that hand for the scene. Since then, he just asks Yakko or the editors to summon an anvil if he thinks it was necesary. Despite this, just like his siblings (Especially Yakko and Dot), he seems to be able to use his own huge mallet with ease, likely due to "cartoon logic".

Nikko With Giant Mallet

Nikko Using A Giant Mallet

Huge Mallet[]

Much like his siblings, Nikko sometimes uses a comically large wooden mallet to flatten or whack other characters, or each other sometimes. However, despite Dot and Yakko numerous times whacking/flattening Nikko (And Dot locking him in a briefcase), Nikko hasn't used his mallet on any of his siblings. He also uses it the least out of the Warner siblings.

"Hellooooooo Nurse"[]

Nikko has a large interest in girls in the original series, shared with Yakko and Wakko. The three brothers call "Hello, Nurse!" to women they find attractive (especially the studio nurse), or sometimes, as Nikko mentions, "Dancers", which Yakko responds with 'Goodnight everybody!' or Dot responding with 'Boys.'. The three brothers often jump into women they find attractive's/the nurse's arms or onto their laps, much to Dot's chagrin. Nikko tends to be flirty, but doesn't do as good a job as Yakko (Who also doesn't really get far either). Much like Yakko and Wakko, Nikko instantly developed an intense crush on the studio nurse, and whenever she appears they will use their customary greeting and often leap into her arms and kiss her. For her part, Nurse seems to tolerate the Warners' behavior, though she does sometimes attempt to capture them with Ralph and Dr. Scratchansniff. She is one of the few characters that ever adjusts her wording for the Warners following a misunderstanding, such as in "Variety Speak" and "This Pun for Hire." She also pats Wakko and smiles while holding the boys in "Hello Nurse." The latter song also reveals the brothers are aware and in awe of her intelligence. Sometimes when being chased, Nikko purposely gets caught by specifically the nurse, whereafter he then uses his scissors to escape the net, immediatly jumping in her arms, and kissing her for a full few seconds, before jumping out of her arms and dashing away, resuming the chase. Despite Yakko and Wakko not adapting this gag in the reboot, Nikko still does this gag in the reboot.

"Uh Oh"[]

Whenever the Warners are in danger, or in some situations, or just sarcastically, Nikko often says 'Uh oh,' or 'Uh oh, cheerio,'. He also says this sometimes when Yakko or Dot are suspended over him for a second about to whack him with a comically large mallet, when an anvil drops on him and is suspended for a second as it's about to hit him, or when Dot reveals her 'pet' T-Rex, he says it just before it swallows him. Nikko usually says 'Uh oh' at least once in almost every episode in the original series or reboot.

Breaking The 4th Wall[]

Much like the other Warner siblings, Nikko tends to interact with the viewers, especially the people who make the show.

Awareness Of The Show[]

Much like the other cartoon characters and Warner siblings, Nikko has full awareness he is in a cartoon, and is also aware of everything he and the other characters can do (Example: The siblings being able to change scenary, create visual gags, spawn anvils, etc). He mentions/infers this throughout the series.


Nikko Cutting Ralph's Net

Nikko Uses His Scissors To Escape Raplh's Net (Piano Rag)

Nikko keeps scissors in his trouser pouch, which he usually uses to cut the Ralph the guard's, Dr. Scratchansniff's net, or the nurse's net whenever he gets caught distracting them or messing around them, or purposely caught by the nurse, to get an opportunity to kiss her. However, this is not the only time he uses his scissors. His scissors appear to always be the same pair. His scissors are typical arts and crafts scissors for kids with a red plastic handle.


Every now and then, in other cartoons, Nikko and the other Warners will have a cameo with the Warners running through other cartoons, such as, Pinky And The Brain, Slappy The Squirrel, Goodfeathers, Buttons And Mindy, Runt And Rita, The Hip Hippos, Chicken Boo, Minerva Mink, Katie Ka-Boom, The Flame, Mr. Skullhead, and Mime Time, while being chased by Raplh the security guard, with the animaniacs theme playing as they pass through the cartoon.


Nikko is seen many times running with his siblings while being chased by Ralph, the security guard, in an actually running gag throughout the series. Sometimes, the Warners are also chased by the nurse, and Dr. Scratchansniff.

"Goodbyeeeeee Nurse"[]

In the original series, some episodes had short post credit closing clips of the all 4 Warners, including Nikko, opening the water tower to say one last goodbye to the audience, typically being 'Goodbyeeeeeeeeeee nurse!', whereafter the Warners would go back in the water tower and close the door to it, ending the episode there.

Let The Anvils Drop[]

Sometimes when he thinks it it necessary, or just for the sake of the cartoon, Nikko will ask Yakko or the eidtors to spawn an anvil somewhere or on someone, which sometimes the editors or Yakko will do, and sometimes they won't. Sometimes if Nikko forgets to say where or over who, it will drop on him. Nikko tried to do his own version of this gag once by pulling an anvil out of his trouser pocket, and likely going to drop it on someone or somehwere, but once it exited his pocket fully, it retained it's weight, crushing his hand and momentarily getting it stuck between the ground and the anvil. Since then he has never attempted this again, and has always asked Yakko or the editors to drop an anvil.

Nikko Put In Dot's Briefcase

"Oh, here he is!"


In some cartoons, noteably "A Christmas Plotz", Nikko is absent for most of the cartoon. At one point, one of the Warners or characters will ask where Nikko went, in which Dot will reply, 'Oh, here he is!' and pull out a briefcase and open it, with Nikko, sitting on his butt in the briefcase with stars swirling above his head and appearing a bit beaten, likely by Dot's mallet, while dazed, asking if he's able to be released, in which one of his siblings will ask if he is able to not 'say too much in front of the kids', in which he will promise to not 'say too much in front of the kids', or sometimes a Warner will ask Nikko 'what's the magic word', in which Nikko will reply 'please' or repeat what he said but with a 'please' added, which he says while dazed, but then one of his siblings will reconsider 'on second thought', followed by Nikko responding "Why me", "Aw cripes", "Darn", simply reply with a groan, or say "This is worse than being locked in the water tower", while dazed whereafter Dot will close the briefcase and lock Nikko in it.



The Warner Brother's, And The Warner Sister's, Creation, Capture, and Escape[]

In Hollywood, 1930, artists working for the Warner Brothers. studio, created 4 new cartoon characters. These included Yakko, Wakko, Nikko, and Dot Warner. However, the charcters were too zany to be controlled, running throughout the studio causing chaos. Eventually, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner were caught, and locked away in the water tower, and were never intended to be released. Nikko had disappeared from the studio, and went in hiding for a few years. All public knowledge of the existance of the Warner brothers and the Warner sister was disavowed, and the films of the Warners, which made no sense anyways, had been locked away, never to be seen by anyone. Search parties, of guards, working for the studio, had been sent to capture Nikko, throughout Southern California, but had eventually stopped searching, likely forgetting Nikko existed after the studio disavowed all knowledge of their existance. In the 1950's, rumors of people sighting a strange bat, bee, bug/insect, bunny, cat, dinosaur, dog, eel, elephant, horse, monkey, penguin, rabbit, seal, or even maybe a skunk, became more and more common. The search parties had begun searching the area of the sightings, but had no luck, until 1955, where a search party ended up spotting him, and attempted, but failed to capture Nikko Warner, but the search party did get a photo of him, confirming his existance to the studio, and that they had 'unfinished buisness', and needed to lock Nikko away with the other siblings. The studio made sure to keep their activity under the radar, to keep the public unaware of the Warner's existance. In 1961, Nikko had appeared on camera on live television, purposefully, and tried to get a message throughout the nation, to confirm the existance of the Warners, but the studio caught Nikko, and locked him away. The studio tried to cover up the incident, bribing investigators, people working for the government, even the Federal Burear of Investigation. No one could prove that the studio was paying people of power to keep the secret safe, but many theories and rumors were common, some people were even convinced President John F. Kennedy's assisination might have been connected to the studio, and that he might've known too much. However, these rumors had become rare in the 1970's. Years had gone by, it seemed the secret of the Warners would be kept a secret, and even the studio was beginning to forget the existance of the Warners. But before they'd been completely forgotten, in 1993, all three Warner brothers, Yakko, Wakko, and Nikko, and the Warner sister, Dot, escaped, the Watertower.


NOTE: Many of the songs listed will have the same lyrics, with the only difference being Nikko included in the singing, and some may only be minorly tweaked, with Nikko having a little bit of his own lyrics, but aren't that much different than the original.

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