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Newlyn (2020).

Newlyn Schnappsie is the female Newt from the Minerva Mink cartoon, and a character from the genderbent series, created by VampireMeerkat.

She's a professionally trained hunting dog, sent by her human owner to retrieve Manfred Mink, and is a reoccurring pursuer of his.

Out of all the girls Manfred met, they've interacted the most and some growth can be witnessed between the two as time progresses, unlike what is portrayed in the original series.

Artwork of Newlyn was conceived in 2017, but never finished or given an official upload. Though it was posted online by other users, it wasn't until October 29, 2020, that Newlyn got properly introduced at Deviantart.

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Newlyn is a German born and mostly raised dachshund, bred and trained from a young age to hunt small animals. She was the only female in a large litter of puppies, who all had the body proportions typical for her breed.
Though she wasn't a worse student than her brothers, her smaller, more stout size invited other dogs to treat her like the runt and Newlyn would often be approached by boys with fake love confessions as a joke. The bullying didn't hinder her training much, though did bred somewhat of a disdain for men within her.

Her prestige family tree eventually caught the attention of a hunter overseas and she was shipped to America, where her training continued until her adult years. She picked up English through her owner and surroundings, which is good, though with an audible German accent.

She proved herself to be worth the high price and additional costs made, until her owner wished to acquire herself some mink pelt for a personal project, leading to the introduction of Manfred Mink. Like many girls before her, Manfred swooned her with his appearance and occasional charms, though the latter appeared to hardly matter to Newlyn. His thinly veiled interest was nothing she hadn't experienced before, but as she had never experienced a genuine example to begin with, she ironically didn't pick up on it and ate up every word.
Even so, she wasn't blind to the rude utterings sprinkled throughout the interaction -which was not an unwarranted response for an animal she informed to want to capture and kill.

Manfred led to her first failure and the many that followed after. Newlyn's master insisted on getting herself a mink, so they continued scouting Manfred's home, but with no results after the long days, she began doubting Newlyn's capabilities. She was withheld many luxuries she enjoyed prior, urging her to go out by herself to try and capture Manfred without the already absent assistance of her human.

After another failed attempt to capture Manfred, Newlyn met the ermine, Judy Thang, who had also acquired herself the job of a hunting dog for unshared reasons and was out looking for a mink. Seeing Newlyn disheartened appeared to tug at Judy's heart and the two began interacting, leading to a friendship with Judy as the crutch of support she's never had.

Some time later, during the period Manfred dated Wilfreda Wolf, Newlyn met her brother, and the two happened to connect. This relationship was broken up by a jealous Manfred, but not until the same thing happened during his date with Darlene Shrivernecker and Newlyn interacted with a less attractive man he wasn't already jealous of, did it become clear he had developed feelings for her.
His actions are seen as spiteful sabotage and don't flatter Newlyn much, and with Manfred not confessing, the two keep repeating the same cat and mouse game as when they first met.


Newlyn is easily swooned by pretty words and pretty faces, but also considers herself a proud hunter and is extremely determined.

Because she's gone through so many hunting courses and has a human to impress, she struggles with herself whenever she meets up with her rude love interest. Her moments of clarity never last long and she keeps getting distracted by Manfred's good looks and fake flirting, allowing him to stay one step ahead every time. Even so, she more often has to deal with his patronizing, snide comments, for which she shows a surprising amount of tolerance for, though it's made clear she's not deaf to it and the abuse turns her vengeful at times.

Though the overall plot portrays her as Manfred's victim, even with her being the one hunting him in the first place, she doesn't shy away from uttering her own dehumanizing comments concerning men and minks. For example, she believes men to be simple creatures -and with Manfred as her prey- rarely to never uses his actual name. She tends to call him "mink", and on better days, uses nicknames consisting out of flattering sentences.

Despite the claim she was first of her class, the way she tries to capture Manfred exists out of bragging and setting up traps, then arguing it'll lead to his capture "so he might as well give up". When her tactics don't produce results, she'll become disheartened or even lose her mind, which Manfred shows no sympathy for.
She once clarified that her slow method of capturing him is just to ensure his fur stays intact; which is the sole reason her human wants him for, though her crush on him is equally so an excuse.

She's a bit socially awkward and has rude opinions on men, her past being to blame. Her life of training left no time to enjoy herself and there's seemingly little going for her, as she's seldom allowed to rest in present time as well.


Newlyn is an anthropomorphic dog of 30 years old, but behaves like a regular animal in many situations.

She looks similar to Newt, but has a thinner and shorter muzzle, smaller paws, a small nose, a black stripe on her head, eyelashes, and longer ears. She has somewhat of an hourglass figure, but is stout.


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  • Newlyn's last name, "Schnappsie", is the name of a Newt lookalike/cameo who appeared in the episode, "Putting on the Blitz".

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