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New Takeover Is A Song In New Episode In Reboot


Announcer: Calling All Warners Team Warners

Yakko Wakko And Dot: 1 2 3 4 Warner Bros Warner Warner Bros Warner Bros

Singer: In the world that selling ogres onions

Yakko Wakko And Dot: The Exit 26A Crash (I-610)

Singer: You can capture Ralph and save the day

Shrek: Ogres Are Like Onions End Of Story

Yakko Wakko And Dot: Warner Bros Warner Bros

Dot: We Can Use Captures

Wakko: Building Things

We Can All Us That You’re So Clever

Singer: We Got Capture Powers To Us Silly Ending

A Ha Ha a Ha Ha A Ha Ha

Yakko Wakko And Dot: We Are The Animaniacs

A Ha ha a ha ha a ha ha

we going behind the scenes

a ha ha ha ha a ha ha

theres nothing we can do

Dot: Dot

Wakko: Wakko

Yakko: Yakko

Yakko Wakko And Dot: And You