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Marty Mongoose
Marty Mongoose

Full name

Marty Mongoose





Eye Color




Hair/Fur Color

Hair: Silver
Fur: Brown


Older Sister: Minerva Mink

Marty Mongoose is the luckiest mongoose in the world and is the beloved husband of Minerva Mink.


Marty Mongoose is the living lucky charm; not only he, but every good person around him gets in good lucky events in his presence. Despite his extreme good luck, he doesn't let it go into his head. Marty is a real charmer and a real good guy. He's forever loyal and loving to his beloved wife, Minerva Mink, and to their beloved children.


Marty was born as a living lucky charm, not only he, but every good person around him gets in good lucky events in his presence. He used to be an action movie actor for crime thrillers before he met Minerva Mink. They started out as really good friends and then turn into a couple. At the time when Minerva lost her acting job in Warner Bros., Marty retired from acting so he could stay in the same level as her (and the fact because his manager was a total greedy snob), which made them inseparable. They both now work in the Acme Looniversity together, with Minerva as a "Spin-Changing" class teacher and Marty as the new wrestling instructor/coach for the wrestling team, and teaches "Defying Physics" class. Later while working out a gym, Marty proposes to Minerva Mink, and she gleefully accept. The two happily married and had their honeymoon in Paris, France. Through the years, they give birth to four wonderful children; two boys and two daughters (Melvin, Marissa, Martin and Mindy).

One Christmas evening, Marty Mongoose and Minerva Mink has invited friends and family over their house to celebrate. While the children receive their wished toys from Santa Claus, Marty and Minerva has bought each other long, warm, and comfortable sweaters. Upon wearing them, the whole family absolutely adore them. After that, Marty and Minerva's family eventually made it into an all-time family dress code by replacing all of their old clothes with nothing but long sweaters for different varieties (they have swimsuit sweaters, formal sweaters, winter sweaters, summer sweaters, and more). Along with their love of wearing sweaters, they all develop a love for having long hair, which they also made it part of their all-time family dress code. This soon become a liking to their best friends, Hector Howley, and his beloved wife, Hanna (Hello Nurse as an anthro deer), so they also decided to wear long sweaters and have long hair, just like them.

As time went on, Marty Mongoose, his beloved wife, Minerva Mink, and their children have been living a simple yet happy family life together. Until one day, they learn that both Marty Mongoose and Minerva Mink gain more than one will and testament from several of their rich ancestors, one of which bequeathed them an immortality potion for the whole family. They now live in the ultimate home with everything they ever want. After that, Marty and Minerva happily retired and the children quickly graduated, and they all live happily forever in their new home for eternity.

Marty Mongoose and Minerva Mink live the perfect life together with their four wonderful children, unlimted riches, immortality, and their own perfect home. However, they feel the desire to be cartoon stars again. Luckily, the Warner Brothers (as anthro pigs) are hoping they could return to work in their studio again. As promised for their return, they allow Marty and Minerva to be their own managers (cause Marty's old manager was a real greedy jerk and Minerva's manager was a general creep around her) and they will have more major appearances than before. But Before Marty Mongoose and Minerva Mink start their return to cartoon stardom, they manage to convince the Warner Brothers about their and their friends, Hector Howley and Hanna's new lifestyles of wearing long sweaters and having long hair. So then, along with having more major cartoon role appearances and being their own managers, they all get to permanently keep their more comfortable looks in the films, under the condition that they spin-change to their original looks at some cartoons, which they happily agreed.

To this very day, Marty and Minerva's beloved family and friends live happily as long-haired and long-sweatered cartoon stars.


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