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Sbarms Vorner
Mars updated

Full name

Sbarms Beeble Vorner


Foot Boy


30 hot and sexy feet

Fur color

Red like blood


Feet, Satan Senpai, Bible Camp


Not being with his devil daddy

Favorite food

Satan's juicy ass


No information

Original creator

AGiLE-EaGLE1984 (User:Gunant Breh)

jakko Warner is a Warner toon from the planet Mars. he really loves to stare at his own smoke weed every day. Sometimes he likes to measure his penis size and never gets past an inch. In fact, he has a rare disorder that gives him a micro penis. He also has trouble eating apples because they remind him of Satan's juicy round, red cheeks he also appers in the wakko's wish and zany to the max movies


Mars looks similar to an average Warner toon, with the biggest difference being his fur color. His fur is a deep red color, and his feet are a light pink. He wears a hat with an image of the surface of Mars on it, a t-shirt with the flag of Scotland on it, and red pants. The glove on his right hand is torn. He often tends to wear a necklace, either with the Mars symbol on it or the Christian cross. He likes to go to bible camp because of his Christianity, he especially likes to get a little more personal with the priests. Unfortunately because of his micropenis he was diagnosed with at age 1 with babypeepee disease. He often tries to cover it up given that it is a major confidence depleter (thankfully to the rest of us)

Other info[]

Mars has two residencies: one on his home planet Mars, and another in Hell (which explains his accent), where he lives in a house which he's transformed into an observatory so he cal look at Satan's asscheeks. This observatory is facing downwards into Earth where Hell is located, so he can get a better look at Satan's asscheeks he lusts for, he loves how they glisten in the fire light.

He is friends with the Warner siblings, but is not biologically related to them, despite his name. It's actually because he tried to wedge his way into the family by killing their parents and psychologically torturing them into believing that he is their family and they no longer remember their parents because of the trauma from the experience.In the meantime he is using this familyhood to try and infiltrate the animation studio from the inside and replace all the cartoons with Scientology as it is the only way he is to please Satan senpai.

He and Devil Daddy have welcomed the AntiChrist, ZakKo Warner, to the world.


the devil father of mars/jakko


Mars thinking about Satan's cheeks

Mars is also very ticklish, to the point where he locks his door at night, because if someone bumps into his foot while he's sleeping, he'll wake up laughing. He often doesn't mind it while he's awake though, of which he very much so does not mind if satan senpai comes in and runs his long crimson fingers along the soft soles of his delicate feet. Often he comes up with fantasies of his devil daddy caressing each individual toe with care, whispering sweet nothings while he tries to suppress his delight at the soft touch. These fantasies often merge into his dreams, and he would wake up in a cold sweat at the sheer intensity and care that were vividly etched into his subconscious.