Mars WarnerEdit

Mars is My OC, and as you might guess, he's Martian.

Mars Warner-Bio
Mars v2


Martian (Scottish accent)


5 feet

Fur color

Red on body; Magenta on feet

What he likes

Fish, technology, astronomy, religion, and science.

What he dislikes

People insulting his religion, being tickled, people attacking his friends

Favorite food



Names unknown, but were very strict

Age: Mars years(Earth years)

8 (17) (Physical) 25 (64) (time frozen)

He is not only very strong, at least in the weak gravity of his home world, but also is very religious, always carrying a Bible with him.

He is a very fast runner, and has huge feet to cushion landings when he jumps, and to keep him stable when he runs.

Mars is also very ticklish, to the point where he locks his door at night, because if someone bumps into his foot while he's sleeping, he'll wake up laughing.

He has a thick Scottish accent, and frequently breaks up fights between the Warners.

Early lifeEdit

When he was young, back in the hayday of his planet, Mars was much more like Wakko when it comes to personality, but still had his strong religious mindset.

His parents were rather strict, but they still allowed their son to have a good time.

When he was about 17, the planet began to freeze over, and as the carbon dioxide in the air turned into liquid, it became so cold that most froze to death. Mars himself, however, was lucky. The CO2 that surrounded him quickly froze, preserving him for years, making him the last one of his kind left on his home planet.

Then, when the ice subliminated, Mars found everyone that was around him when he froze, was gone.

The blue sky, the flowing water, the grass, and all of the animals and people had disappeared.

He ended up having to live in a cave to protect himself from the massive sandstorms which sweep the planet, because if he were caught outside during one, he could very well be thrown into the air and die from the fall.

A few weeks before Mars' escape to Earth, a sandstorm did catch him outside; and he was thrown into the air, breaking a leg.

This did not stop Mars, from getting home, however.