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Mangamaniacs is an anime version of Animaniacs. The series consists of an Anime TV series and a 13 volume Manga series.

Manga Volumes[]

The anime currently consists of 13 manga comics.

Title Description First Released
Disaster! The Warners Escaped the Tower!/Warner Crazy After being locked for years and years, the Warners have escaped the WB Water Tower. March 4, 2011
Grocery Chasing! Incident on all Isles!/Shopping Spree! Disasters abound when the Warners goes shopping in the new grocery shop. March 11, 2011
A Discovery! The Solar System's New Planet!/Space Sliders When a new planet is discovered in the solar system, the Warners go into space, having to live in the new planet for atleast one month. March 18, 2011
Crazy Restaraurant! A New Life for the Warners!/Restaraunt Warner The Warners move in to a fancy new restaraunt. March 25, 2011
They're Total Maniacs! Tokyo is in a Havoc!/Tokyo Trouble The Warners start to mess up the town of Tokyo. April 1, 2011
Send Them! Make the Warners Learn!/Stuck in "Jail" The Warners are sent to a learning center called Wonderlearning but the Warners call it "jail". April 8, 2011
Texting and Phonecalling. The Cellphone Becomes a Bad Habit./Phonefreak Dot gets a bad habit of overusing the cellphone. April 15, 2011
Leaving Hollywood to Go to Broadway/We're TWO Stars! Wakko tries out for Broadway. Meanwhile, Pinky and the Brain use the moon to take over the world. April 22, 2011