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Manfred (2020).

Manfred Mink is the genderbent Minerva Mink from Animaniacs and the titular character in the genderbent series, created by VampireMeerkat.

He's an overly alluring mink who catches the eye of most girls, though never seems to charm those he likes.

Artwork of Manfred was conceived in 2017, but never finished or given an official upload. Though pieces of it were posted online by other users, it wasn't until October 29, 2020, that Manfred got properly introduced at Deviantart.

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Manfred is the only child of Marlin and Avery Snow -a mink and least weasel couple he's never been in particular good standing with. Unlike his father, his mother is remarkably small and not very pleasing to the eyes, which made Manfred the target of unwanted comments throughout his early childhood. Because he shared many of her physical features, outsiders treated him with little respect.

It was crucial for him to turn his life around before the start of his first year of high school, and his unhealthy obsession with beauty produced quick results, but worsened his relationship with his mother. He didn't think they were related, and was so vindictive in his wish to have it be true, he manipulated his parents into doubting each other's faithfulness.
They realized their relationship with their vain son had become unsalvageable and urged him to find a place of his own after graduating high school. Manfred was eager to leave and no longer have his popularity be jeopardized, resulting into an unceremonious goodbye.
He changed his last name and would not visit them in person again.

His good looks helped him obtain a quality home for a measly price, and job opportunities were offered everywhere he went, regardless of his non-existent qualifications. Crowds of women handed him gifts every day, and soon, Manfred no longer cared to pursue anything in life. He quit college and his job, and let his lovestruck fans fully support his existence.

Eventually, he realized the one thing he's always strived for was still not his; the companionship and acceptance of beautiful people. His friends were comparatively less handsome and the girls he liked still didn't care to associate with him. He became more active in his quest to find the fairy tale princess he felt to deserve -and aggressive in his rejection of those not deemed good enough.
As per usual, Manfred was solely approached by women who did not meet his standards, while his love interests found him a nuisance. Despite suffering the same rejections he did as before his makeover, his many pursuers fed his confidence in that the problem lied not with him. He remained upbeat and positive he'd succeed.

After a few years of living by himself, he became the target of a hunter's dog, Newlyn Schnappsie. She too became smitten upon sight and would often contemplate neglecting her duties to romantically pursue him, though to no avail. As the only reoccurring character in his life, she more or less started infiltrating it and many of his life decisions became indirectly influenced by her.
He dated a college acquaintance, which was supposed to be a victory for him, but then lost its appeal with Newlyn being one of the reasons. Seeing her happy with another man and not paying attention to him anymore got on his nerves, and he ruined everyone's happiness in order to reinstate the same old cat-and-mouse game with her.

Some time later, Manfred met a famous supermodel he had been a fan of for a long time and was lucky to have his feelings be returned, yet this again came to an end when he spotted Newlyn focussing her attention on men that weren't him.

With Manfred not being the type of person to psychologically dissect himself, his issue with Newlyn would not be explored, nor treated as an issue. He remains the target of her stalking, and she the target of his manipulation.


Like Minerva, Manfred is confident, self-important, shallow, and manipulative. He's unapologetically evil at times and blind for his absence of redeeming qualities, as he thinks to be owed the good life he's obtained for himself. When approached by people he thinks are below his standards, he finds it hard to grant them a look, while he acts a fool in front of overly attractive women. Expensive gifts and money in general are also motivators for him to act "friendly".

He states often it's hard to be attractive and wants to find real love, though is granted everything he wants by his daily pursuers, who he abuses or ignores.
He's been with at least two willing and liked partners in his life, but as these relationships weren't shown to last for the original Minerva, it's insinuated that she/Manfred has more demands than looks alone and isn't that set on settling down. He seems to have a preference for Germanic girls, either in appearance or origin, varying between dogs and minks.


Manfred is an anthropomorphic mink of 22 years old. He is slightly muscular, has white fur, short blond hair with side-swept bangs, big ears, fangs, an angular muzzle, pink nose, slender blond tail, and black eyebrows.
He is short compared to other minks due to his mother being a least weasel, making Manfred not a fullblood mink. The majority of love interests he's met in his life are notably taller than him.

He changes clothes often, but has a preference for his red tank top, black belt with golden buckle, and blue shorts. He occasionally wears shoes.


  • In his first/2017 design, Manfred wasn't short or written to have a short parent.
  • The names of Manfred's parents are linked to the original Minerva;
    • "Marlin" is a derivation of the name "Marilyn", Minerva's original name in early development;
    • "Avery" refers to Tex Avery's Big Bad Wolf character, who otherwise goes by many names and was initially considered for Minerva's personality.
  • The last name, "Snow", refers to the Latin name given for the least weasel; "Mustela nivalis", which translates to "snowy weasel";
    • This entails Marlin took on Avery's last name when they married.

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