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Episode # Title Description Song(s) Background info.
1 Beginnings

The Varners are forced to come to Sunside Orphanage when social services discover them living in an alley (that was mentioed in the movie)

Soirée Exceptionnelle

Cameos by The Warners and Rita & Runt

the beginning scene parodies Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp

2 Little Miss (and Mister)Broadway The Varners go to New York in hopes of starring in a broadway musical TBA Cameos by the Warners
3 Tommrow is only a day away Yokko finds herself in a paordy of Annie when she lives with a rich guy for a week only to be kidnapped by Mrs.Hagface,her "long lost brother" (Chicken Boo),and his girlfriend so it's up to Wokka,Dok,and the other orphans (that are not Josephine) must save her

Many parodies of Annie Songs

Cameo by the Warners

Guest Apppearnce by Chicken Boo

4 Motel for Dogs The Varners use an old hotel to place abandonded dogs in.,But they must hide it from Josephine N/A Cameos by the stray kittens from Smitten with Kittens
5 Free Wally The Varners must reunite a baby whale and it's mother by freeing the baby that is stuck in the San Fransisico Aquarium.In a parody of Free Willy N/A Cameos by the Warners
6 Miracle of the Varners The Varners portray the shepard children in the miraclous event on October 13,1917 in Fantima,Portugal TBA Appearnces by the other charcthers
7 Little Varners Josephine tries to teach in hopes of them getting adopted by a couple so they'll leave them alone The Varners to behave ,but fails N/A The cartoon has a simliar plot to Taming of the Screwy from the orginal sersie
8 Do the Oliver Twist Dok runs away after Joesphine's treatment to him only to come across a gang of pickpockets so his sisters have to bring him back to Sunside TBA Speaking Cameo by a Younger Sakko Warner after Dok thought he was the Artful dodger so he just walks away
9 Yes Wokka there is Santa In order to prove Santa's existience Wokka writes a latter to the local newspaper to get an answer

Dear Newspaper guy

Chirstmas special

Running gag:the editor keeps getting Wokka's name wrong ending with Virgina

10 Varners of Green Gables The Varners are adopted by a farm family in a parody of Anne of Green gables TBA Cameos by The Warners and Rita & Runt
11 Swiss Family Varner Josephine and The Varners are stranded on a dessreted island and Joesphine must find a way to get away from the Varner TBA Cameos by Buttons & Mindy
12 The 10 1/2 Commandments Yokko is a female-esque of Moses named Moselle and she and Isarelite versions of Wokka and Dok try to get Jospehine the prime minster to "let the people go" N/A Cameos by The Warners
13 The Little Heiress Jospehine goes to a boarding school which is good until she finds out that it's to support her family back in Warnerstock that has been left without a penny now it's uo to The Varners to get her out N/A Parody of A Little Princess
14. Across the Ruby Bridge In 1960 the Varners go outside Willam Franz Emelmtray and look out the window of Ruby Bridge's class N/A

Cameo by the Warners

Running gag:Ruby noticing the Varners watching them and Mrs.Henry thinking she's proubaly hallucinating due to all the protesters

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