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The following is an episode list for the Warner Bros. animated television series The Animaniacs!.

Season 1 (2010-2011)[]

Episode Number Title Date First Released Description Production Code
1 The Nutcracker Sweets / Starlight Bethlehem (A.K.A. 2010 Little Drummer Warners) / 12 Cold Winter Nights / Ralph the Santa December 25, 2010 (1.) The Warners make nutcrakers come alive and wreck the WB Studios. (2.) The Warners reinacted the scene of Jesus being born (updated version of Little Drummer Warners). (3.) Thaddeus Plotz is stuck with the Warners in the WB Water Tower for 12 nights (retelling of The 12 Days of Christmas). (4.) Ralph has been accidently mistaken by Santa and now he has to live in the North Pole for one year. 101
2 Yakko's Universe / China's Year / Today's the Year / In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! January 1, 2011 (1.) Yakko Warner sings a song about the relative vastness of space from one person to the entire universe (Returning Skit). (2.) The Warners change time so that China will be in sync with the New Year. (3.) Dr. Scrathansniff directs a party for the new year. (4.) The world celebrates the new year. 102
3 Little Cheater / My Brain's in My Pinky / Tree Party / 'Round the World January 8, 2011 (1.) Wakko has been cheating on games, tests, and even dates. (2.) Brain accidently shrinks and Pinky thought the shrunken Brain was food so he ate him. Brain thought of an idea, to control Pinky to rule the world. (3.) Skippy throws a birthday party for Slappy. (4.) The Goodfeathers are sent around the world for no good appearant reason. 103
4 Milly you Silly / Sakko Makes Socks / Winter Food / As Long as There's Two Beavers January 15, 2011 (1.) Two educational TV shows get a crossover with Baloney and Kids and Milly you Silly. (2.) The Warner's cousin, Sakko makes socks for no appearant resaon. (3.) Slappy and Skippy try to hibernate. (4.) Bossy Beaver and Doyle try to make an enormous skyscraper out of wood. 104
5 Hollywoodchuck / Sing Cat! / The Randy Beaman Mystery / So Called "Happy" January 22, 2011 (1.) Woodchuck makes another attempt to be famous. (2.) Rita gets nominated to be on Cat Idol and Runt tries to do everything he can to get that "dog" win. (3.) Colin tries to find out why Randy Beaman has so many interesting stories. (4.) The Warner Family gets to star in a video-game. In the end, it's chaos. 105


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