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Judy brown

Judy with normal fur (2023).

Judy white

Judy with her Winter coat (2023).

Judy Thang is the female nephew of Trudy's from the Minerva Mink cartoon, as for the character's lookalike from the comic, "Natural Chemistry". She is a reoccurring character in the genderbent series, created by VampireMeerkat.

She was one of Manfred Mink's many crushes and becomes the genderbent Newt's friend further in time.

She chose the peculiar life of a pet and hunts animals for a human hunter, much like Newlyn, and once returned to try and collect Manfred for that purpose.

Artwork of Judy was conceived in 2017, but never finished or given an official upload. Though it was posted online by other users, it wasn't until December 3, 2020, that Judy got properly introduced at Deviantart.

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Judy is the only child of a highly religious, overly kind married couple and was raised to be the same way. Nevertheless, she adapted her own fashion style and interests from a very young age, and with her parents not saying anything about it, she continued dressing herself up however she liked.
She and her friends are commonly mistaken for a dangerous biker/street gang, but always spend their time mindlessly standing around on a street corner for hours on end, not doing or saying much of anything, opposed to the occasional grunt of boredom or disapproval.

When she planned to visit her recently moved nephew, Trustin, he asked his friend to show her around town until he could join her after work. Not looking forward to spending time with a stranger, she headed over Manfred's house and greeted him by saying not to be paying for anything on his tour. Her rude tone of voice was ignored and Manfred became smitten by her good looks. After ridiculing himself in front of her with his overly excited demeanour, she had already grown tired of the character and left him standing. She went back to Trustin's place and chose to spend her many free hours loafing around on his porch instead, worrying the neighbours.

Throughout the duration of her stay, she happened to get glimpses of Newlyn Schnappsie at work. As she had never seen a hunting dog in action, or one at all in this world of sentient animals, the concept of being a professional hunter was exciting to her and the ultimate act of rebellion.
She quit her job, and with surprisingly little effort, managed to infiltrate the dog market and convince humans to be a dog herself. She was adopted by a clueless hunter and began her new profession with eagerness. Though it wasn't without her brand of laxity, little effort was needed with the lovestruck prey who more than willingly followed her to their doom.

Eventually, she came across Manfred and Newlyn again, where she made it no secret to be working for a hunter and out looking for a mink. But, the conveniently distracted Manfred was ignored after she witnessed her source of inspiration looking rather disheartened after some prior event. She focused her attention on Newlyn, and the two became close.


Judy is straight-forward, confident, and unpleasantly selfish; and will announce right away what she expects from others. She shows little interest in people, but despite her unapproachable tough girl-look and act, she's shown to have a soft spot for outcasts and doesn't like the boisterous type much.

She's so attracted to taboo subjects and disobeying the status quo, she took on the "job of murderer" by playing someone's hunting dog. Little is left of her parents' upbringing and Judy only shows off her generous side to Newlyn, while others are given a snarl or the back of her head as a response. Unlike her stoic friends back home, she and Newlyn trust each other with their personal concerns, and exchange advice. She's believed to be genuinely "badass" and her old friends posers in comparison.


Judy is an anthropomorphic ermine of 25 years old. She is slender, has brown fur, long, greased up, dark-brown hair, and a poofy tail. Like ermines do, she sheds her fur and becomes white once a year, though this doesn't seem to happen in Winter season alone. Her hair and tail stay the same colour, since she chooses to dye them when the switch occurs.

She has the overall look of a greaser/biker girl; and wears a black jacket, pink shirt, and dark-blue shorts with a brown belt. She's also applied red lipstick and pink eyeshadow to herself. Her face shows little emotion and her overall vibe is that of a disinterested bystander.



  • The original character has no official name in either the episode or comic he starred in;
    • The name "Judy Thang" is based on the name "Trudy" and the nickname Minerva uttered towards the comic book character, "hot thang", though it was not actually directed at him.
  • Judy did not remember Manfred the second time they met.
  • Judy has a crush on Newlyn.

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