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Josephine McHale

Full name:

Princess Joesphine McHale IV


14 (in the film)


Kataka (mother),unknown father,Sakko (brother),King Willam (uncle),Queen Angelina Contesa Louisa Fancesca Banana-Fanna Bo Besca the Second (aunt),Yakko (cousin),Wakko (cousin),Dot (cousin)The Warners (extended family),The Varners (in-laws)





Hair/fur color:



"I'm Wathing you"

1st appearence

Animaniacs the movie

Voiced by


Early Life[]

[this is non-canoical expect for Sakko being her brother] Princess Josephine McHale IVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVV was born in 1984 to Princess Katka McHale (nee' Warner) and when she deid Josephine was sent to live with her aunt and uncle in Anvilina and often tormented her 3 younger cousins.And when she started to blame the royal famy for their missery she was almost excuted ,but luckily she bribed the guards,but a few months later she was captured and exiled to San Fransico where she was taken to an orphanage. ounc there she was there her nam was chaned to doot barner. She is still wanted in Anvilina for her executin.

Role in the franchise[]


In the movie she is a a bossy,tattle-tale,goody two shoes girl who is usally in charge when Mrs.Jinglehemier is gone.In the end it revaled that she is the trio's older cousin ,but she kicked and screamed at them because she only she came to the orphanage insted of them is because she didn't want to be with them then and Mrs.Jinglehimmer found out she was sent to a charm school in Switzerland never to be seen by any of the orphans agian,after her dad got coma.



Joesphin after 20 yeras in jail

In Return of Sakko she returns from cm school and swears reenge on her cousins.Then later she meets Sakko and Yakko comes with a theory that their siter because their mother was very bossy to her sister (the Warners' mom) and their fater was sort of the rebel type,much to Josephine's dismay because Sakko's too irresponsible and Sakko doen't belive that she is his sister because she's too bossy.She also is a major charcther in the Varner segments where she is 2 years older than Yokko depending on age until she stranngld Yokko to death and was charged with frst digree murder.

in jail she promisd to straagl Wokka and Dok, spendin all the years thinking up a plan. She was set free 20 year later and killd Wokka and Dok with her new unibrow, their copses wer found the next day and she was arreste for fashion crimes becase her sandals were poorly drawn.


  • Animaniacs the movie (1st appearnce)

Animaniacs (2013 version)[]

  • Return of Bakko
  • The Varner Segemeents
  • Yokko's strangulatin

Background info.[]

  • She was inspired and modeled after the Bart Simpson from The ew Adventures of Pippi Longsticking.
  • Her name is a play on actor and comedian Joel McShrek