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Jessi is a pre-teen girl stereotypical , moody at times, no-nonsense like, courageous, kind, and smart minded. Jessi and her father Daniel Harlene moved to Burbank California, since her father got a job as a cartoonists, Jessi wasn't to thrilled about the final move (she and her dad moved a lot but this time they were staying in California) and she was also going to take part in her dads job as an actress which she always wanted to be plus going to school in Acme acres. After Jessi and her dad moved in a medium seize house before the movers arrived Jessi's father suggest that she explores the place, to which she reluctantly agreed. As Jessi explores the place she was rudely told to get out of the way by a girl also, she came across some weird people, after a while she return to her new home unpacking her things and decorating her room and then all of a sudden she hears someone in her house. As she tries to ignore the sound a toon looking child seize droplet-looking cartoon appeared, startled at the sight yet remained time the droplet-looking cartoon said that his name was Flankie, the two started bonding and became good friends and both shared their interest in things, when Jessi's father discovers the two he already had an idea for his tomorrow-carrier.

The next morning Jessi wakes up at the sound of a door knock opening it she sees the animaniac characters along with the other toon characters who she quickly became found of. After her first day at Acme Acres School she was picked on by the same girl who rudely told her to move out of her way earlier named Tasha (from another school), Tasha kept making fun of Jessi ,and Flankie witnessing the rudeness humiliated the mean girl by spilling slime all over her. Jessi later got to be an actress which meant she had to go to work with her dad lucky she enjoys since the animaniac characters are their plus she'll be working with them later on at night she and her new friend Flankie had a nice chat finally feeling like she's blending in and finally at the celebration she and her father were welcomed to be a new member she even said that she can be "Zany to the Max".

She's voiced by Tara Strong

Appearence and Personality[]

Jessi is slender has fair skin, long straight blonde hair worn tied back, blue eyes, she wears a light blue blouse with a belt in shape of a star and orange leggings with sneakers, Jessi is a tomboy somewhat plays guitar she has her sense of humour and is quite bubbly. She's very kind but will get angered if someone upsets her she's like any other teen, she can be stubborn and a little dead pen and can have this no nonsense attitude but she can be silly also according to her she can be Zany to the max


Jessi gets along with all of the characters and her best friend Flankie she has a crush on Yakko, thinks Wakko is funny and Dot's cute, she's good friends with Dr.Scrachansniff, Hello Nurse and at times Thaddeus Poltz also Ralph T. Guard. she enjoys Skippy and Slappy , the Goodfeathers, Pinky and the Brain, Buttons and Mindy and Rita and Runt along with the Flame, Skullhead and Chicken Boo



Yakko Warner

Wakko Warner

Dot Warner


Thaddeus Plotz

Hello Nurse


Ralph T.Guard

Skippy and Slappy

Pinky and the Brian

Rita and Runt

Chicken Boo

Mr Skullhead

The Flame

Other toons


Vincent Cillin (classmate small crush )

Yakko Warner (true main crush)


Corrina Noston

Gil Pack

Tasha Wilfred (school rival/enemy)


"Things are gonna get toony "

"This is gonna be Zany"