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Jellybeans Aplenty One day, Dr. Scratchansniff takes Yakko, Wakko, and Dot to the candy store. The Warners ate lots of jellybeans there, until it was time to go home. Wakko only brought himself one jellybean to eat in the car. Yakko could see a jellybean factory ahead. He rolls the window down and he, Wakko, and Dot sneak out of the car and run to the jellybean factory. Soon, the Warners were in the jellybean factory. They are amazed at the interior of the factory where there were lots of jellybeans. Dot leads them to a big conveyor belt with multicolored jellybeans. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot hop onto the conveyor belt eating some of the jellybeans. They sing "We Love Jellybeans", but suddenly, they see the jellybeans are about to be packaged. They tried to stop the jellybeans to be packaged by pushing them back and kept eating them. Some of the jellybeans fell off the conveyor belt. An alarm went off because the conveyor belt has too many jellybeans. The Warners just ignored the alarm. A man sees the jellybeans spilling everywhere and the Warners on the conveyor belt and tries to stop them, but the jellybeans push the Warners  into the packaging department where they get sealed in a jellybean package. They hop their way out of the factory inside of the package. Dr. Scratchansniff drove his car to the factory and sees the Warners trapped in the package and takes them in the car. When he drives them home, Yakko says "I guess this is what comes of liking jellybeans too much."
The Easter Squirrel Slappy was putting Skippy to bed on the night before Easter. Slappy then goes to bed. The phone ringing suddenly wakes her up. Someone on the phone can be heard coughing and telling her to go to Easter Island urgently. Slappy drives her car very quickly to Easter Island where she sees the Easter Bunny sick in bed. He tells her that she should fill in for him. He gives her a bunny costume and baskets of jellybeans, colored eggs, flowers, chocolate bunnies, and bonnets. She drives to everyone's houses in the USA and gives them their Easter baskets. When she stops at Candie Chipmunk's, Walter Wolf's, Duke the Squirrel's, Beanie the Brain-Dead Bison's, and Sid the Squid's houses, she gives them moldy eggs and monster plants. Slappy drives back home to give Skippy his Easter basket and go to her bedroom to get an hour of sleep. The sun came up. It was Easter morning. Skippy wakes Slappy up to see what's in his Easter basket. As Skippy was having fun, Slappy goes outside and sees the Easter Bunny all better. He thanks him for helping him and gives her a colored egg.
Mime Time: Being an  Imaginary Easter Bunny The mime was pretending to be the Easter Bunny giving invisible baskets to invisible houses when suddenly, Elmer Fudd chases him.
Madame Bonnet On Easter morning, the Warners wake up to see what's in their Easter baskets. Yakko and Wakko got lots of cool stuff in their baskets. Dot has some chocolate, eggs, flowers, and an Easter bonnet in her basket. As soon as she tries on the bonnet, it starts talking with a face. The Warners were really surprised when the bonnet talked. The bonnet introduces herself. Her name was Madame Bonnet. She shows them all the wonderful tricks she can do. The Warners started to love Madame Bonnet. Pinky and Brain were watching the Warners and Madame Bonnet. They want Madame Bonnet for their new bed. They sneak into the water tower disguised as spiders, but then Dot squishes them. Pinky and Brain hide under Wakko's hat, but then he throws them away when he thought he had an itch. Finally, they hid under the couch until the Warners were called to dinner by Dr. Scratchansniff. They grab Madame Bonnet and take her to the door where they try to get her out of. After dinner, the Warners decide to check on Madame Bonnet. Suddenly, they see Pinky and Brain stealing Madame Bonnet. The Warners have a big fight with Pinky and Brain to get Madame Bonnet back. The Warners successfully get Madame Bonnet back. Pinky and Brain leave the water tower. At night, the Warners say goodnight to Madame Bonnet.