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"If I Can't Love Her" is a cover of the song of the same name from the Broadway version of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". It is used in 321SPONGEBOLT's version of "Jokahontas", following Background Singer's "Singer Hood" story arc. Dot and Background Singer (as Singer Hood, still in his cursed wolf form.) sing this from different perspectives. Dot, as a way of expressing her guilt for being selfish and cold to Yakko, Wakko, and her friends in "Cutie and the Beast", and Singer Hood for feeling ignored and cast aside in that same episode.

A reprise is later sung by Singer Hood (now turned back into a human) as soon as he reads Dot's apology scroll and realizes that Dot does still care for him, admitting her faults and promising never to cheat on him again.


Voice Actor/Actress Character(s)
321SPONGEBOLT Background Singer/Singer Hood


Singer Hood (Wolf) (While looking in Waldo's cauldron): ♪And in my twisted face, there's not the slightest trace, of anything, that even hints at kindness.♪

Singer Hood (Wolf): ♪And from my tortured shape, no comfort, no escape, I see, but deep within is utter blindness.♪

♪Hopeless, as my dream dies.♪

♪As the time flies, love, a lost illusion.♪

♪Helpless! Unforgiven. Cold and driven, to this sad... conclusion.♪

♪No beauty could move me. No goodness improve me. No power on Earth! If I can't... love her.♪

(The camera flies to the sky, then fades to Dot's part of the water tower. She is shown singing her guilt out on her bed.)

Dot: ♪No passion could reach me, no lesson could teach me. How I could have loved him, (Looks at her mini-frame with her and Background Singer in it.)♪

Dot (Off-screen): ♪and, let him love me too.♪

Dot (On-screen): ♪If I can't love him, than who? Long ago, I should have seen...♪

(The screen fades, revealing silent clips from "Cutie and the Beast" as flashbacks while Dot sings.)

Dot (Voice-over): ♪All the things I could have been.♪

(The next clip fades to Dot rejecting Singer Hood's kiss. Her lip-sync reads "NO WAY! I'M THE ONLY ONE WHOSE SUPPOSED TO BE CUTE ON THIS SHOW!". Her line however is muted like all the others.)

♪Careless, and unthinking, I moved onward!♪

(During the instrumental, the next clips show Singer Hood shaking Dot as he yells "YOU OWE ME RESTITUTION!", and finally, Yakko and Wakko sadly walking out of the castle, and Dot throwing Babes' lamp out after she yells "WELL, FINE! THAN JUST... STAY IN THERE!". The screen fades to white, then back to Singer Hood singing by Waldo's cauldron.)

Singer Hood (Wolf): ♪No pain could be deeper! No life could be cheaper!♪

♪No point anymore! If I can't love her.♪

♪No spirit could win me!♪

Dot: ♪No hope left within me! Hope that he'll forgive me.♪

Singer Hood (Wolf): ♪And then she'll set... me... free!♪

(We see the screen split between Dot and Singer Hood.)

Singer Hood (Wolf) and Dot: ♪But it's not to be. If she (I) can't love me (him)...♪

(The camera pans away from Dot, and Singer Hood faces the cauldron, ready to attempt suicide.)

Singer Hood (Wolf): ♪Let the world be done... WITH... ME!♪♪

(After his long note, Singer Hood runs up to Waldo's cauldron and dive in on the final note of the song.)

Singer Hood: ♪No truce can been broken, no words need be spoken. (Looks at Waldo's cauldron, but ignores it this time, knowing suicide isn't worth it) No point anymore, if she can love me.♪

♪No thought she would do so, (Closes her scroll) no dream to pursue. So I look to myself, ignore all the things I see.♪

♪Now I know that she, always did love me. (Looks back to an empty sky over the hills)♪

♪Let the world go on!♪

Singer Hood (Spoken): ♪With... me.♪♪

Singer Hood: Get my bags. We're going home.


NOTE: To listen to the instrumental, click here. For the instrumental of the reprise, click here.

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  • This song uses clips from "Cutie and the Beast" during Dot's lines as flashbacks.
  • While "Cutie and the Beast" parodied songs from "Beauty and the Beast" in the actual episode, "Jokahontas" only used one BatB song. Thus, making both episodes serve as like a bridge.