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The Huckels are a tribe of violent, militaristic humans whose own prevalent attitude has made them very stupid and ugly people.

Their family crest is a sparkledog deviantart oc with the color palette of red and black.


The two World Wars[]

Descended from German ancestors of the same surname (save the difference of an umlaut above the 'u', the Huckel family are hated for their ancestors having been comrades-at-arms of Adolf Hitler during World War I. Other descendants even served Hitler in a World War II. Many Huckels are proud of this history, however, insisting their shame was wrongfully bestowed by conniving conspirators who denounce any positive light that Hitler is cast in, as antisemitism, even if the evaluation is objective.

The Aftermath[]

Since then, most Huckels have been unable to attract prospective mates, other than two-faced megalomaniacs, which only made their psyches worse.

Skills and Powers[]

Technological mastery[]

The Huckels are able to reverse-engineer any Apple product and shove it up their asses.

Problem Solving[]

Most Huckels are unable to figure out the simplest puzzles, rendering them useless when they have to do anything.


Huckels' experience with medicine is such that they can create meth, they love creating meth to inhale.

No Cartoon Physics[]

The Huckels are able to do absolutely anything, except what they can't do.

Known Weaknesses[]


Where there is power to be gained, for instance in naming a new baron or nuclear family head, Huckels are prone to fight against their own kin, doing what they feel necessary to secure the title.


Huckels are incels, their intelligence doesn't surpass that of a snail.


  • Many Huckels like Twilight because it has werewolves in it
  • Their most prevalent space opera fandom is Dune; in fact, many slogans, mottos, and proverbs used by Huckels, are taken directly from the Harkonnens.
  • The Huckels are a noble house as of Zany to the Max, since a time comes where there is no such thing as common people.
  • Their tribe name is pronounced "HOO-HOO".
  • The first two Huckels was back in 1933 and the people who murdered the Warner sibilings Parents is Bella and Edward, who later died in 1997 because they murdered many people and then has cardiac arrest.
  • How the first Huckels originated is 2 wolves and they had the first Huckel baby because wolves can give birth to humans, this is very well known.