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One day.....

The Warner Brothers: Were are we going, Dot.

Dot: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We were invited to going to meet my friends Bluey and Bingo.

The Warner Brothers: Oooooooooooh!

Dot: [sighs]


Dot: Were here!

Wakko: Let's go so we can meet Bluey.

20 minutes later.....

Dot: Were here (again)!

Yakko: Let me just press the doorbell button and.....


Chilli: Is anybody here?

Dot: Down here!

Chilli: I notice that voice. [gasps] It's you, Dot. Hey! Who are those people right behind you.

Dot: These are my brothers. Yakko and Wakko.

Wakko: Hi!

Yakko: Hello!

Dot: Can we come inside!

Chilli: Sure.

The Warners: Hooray!

Dot: Let's go in.

Chilli: There over there.

Wakko: Thanks!

Chilli: Your welcome.

The Heeler Sisters: Dot!

Dot: Bluey! Bingo!

The Heeler Sisters: We missed you so much.

Dot: I've missing you guys to. These are my brothers, Yakko and Wakko. Yakko and Wakko will nicely.......

The Warners Brothers: Hello Nurse!

Bluey: Welcome to Animaniacs and Bluey