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Hotcha (2023).

Hotcha Mann is the female hunting dog from the Minerva Mink comic, "Minervadrama", and a character from the genderbent series, created by VampireMeerkat.

She was one of Manfred Mink's many crushes, though the two never engaged in meaningful conversation and Hotcha was more concerned with handing him over to her master so she could clock out for the night.

Artwork of Hotcha was conceived in 2017, but never finished or given an official upload. Though it was posted online by other users, it wasn't until February 22, 2023, that Hotcha got properly introduced at Deviantart.

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Hotcha comes from a long line of German hunters and police dogs, which earned her a job without ever having to prove herself. Throughout her life, her laziness has never been picked up on and everyone hails her as a master of her trade. Luck follows her around and she's enjoyed a life of success, leisure, and popularity.

When she was found lurking around Manfred's house one night, her good looks made him willingly give himself up and he allowed her human master to go as far as cage him. Newlyn Schnappsie infiltrated the home to release him under the guise of wanting to be the one to capture him, an excuse Manfred didn't care for, but accepted after the many hours of trapped boredom.

Hotcha never cared to return for him, as she considered the loss of Manfred to be her human's responsibility.


Unusual for her breed, Hotcha is lazy, unconcerned, but confident and incredibly lucky. She prioritizes partying and sleeping in above anything else, yet always happens to finish up her assignments with the least effort made.
She's not the kind of person to chase her wants and will change goals if the previous one ends up being too much work to realize.

She's very social, unintentionally rude at times, but otherwise docile.


Hotcha is an anthropomorphic German Shepherd of 30 years old. She's slender with greyish-brown and black fur, a pale face and chest, and half-long black hair with bangs. When on the job, she wears a brown hunter's attire with an orange shirt and salmon-coloured boots.



  • The original character has no official name;
    • The name "Hotcha Mann" is derived from Minerva exclaiming "hotcha-cha" and "what a man" upon seeing the original.
    • Hotcha was named "Herlinde" in early development.

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