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Here Comes the Easter Yakko is a fan-made episode of Animaniacs.


Dr. Scratchansniff tells the story of how Yakko Warner became the Easter Bunny of Acme Acres in this Here Comes Peter Cottontail (1971) parody. 


  • Yakko Warner as Peter Cottontail
  • Dr. Scratchansniff as Seymour S. Sassafras
  • Runt as Colonel Wellington B. Bunny
  • Pinky as Colonel Bunny's Assistant
  • Thaddeus Plotz as January Q. Irontail
  • Pesto as Montresor
  • Chicken Boo as Ben the Alarm Clock Rooster
  • Ralph as Man Sleeping Under a Tree
  • Wakko Warner as Antoine
  • Brain as Irontail's Spider
  • Mindy's Mom as Mother's Day Mother
  • Tinker Ka-Boom as Tommy
  • Mindy as Sue
  • Pete Puma as Fireman
  • Buster Bunny and Calamity Coyote as The Fourth of July Kids
  • Witch Hazel as Madame Esmerelda
  • Katie Ka-Boom (as monster form from The Driving Lesson), Wilford, The Grim Reaper, Baloney, and Mr. Clown as Madame Esmerelda's Friends
  • Pip as Man at Thanksgiving
  • Miss Flamiel as Woman at Thanksgiving
  • Colin and Elmyra Duff as Children at Thanksgiving
  • Santa Claus as himself
  • Madame Bonnet as Bonnie Bonnet
  • Hello Nurse as Bonnet Store Owner
  • Dot Warner as Donna
  • Slappy as Woman on Washington's Birthday
  • Rita, Squit, Bobby, Skippy, Girlfeathers, The Godpigeon, Flavio, Marita, Mr. Skullhead, Snowball, Mrs. Munk, and The Mime as Additional Bunnies


  • Vina Walleen and Candie Chipmunk make cameos.
  • Wakko does not have a French accent when he is playing Antoine.
  • In this episode, Runt says "marsh-mellowy chicks", which is a reference to Peeps.
  • Yakko, Dot, Pinky, Runt, Rita, Thaddeus, Squit, Bobby, Skippy, Girlfeathers, Flavio, Marita, Mr. Skullhead, Snowball, Mrs. Munk, and The Mime are all shown as bunnies.