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-Note from Pizzaspulnker1: This is simply what I would want as a show-

Fanamaniacs is a fan show by Pizzaspulnker1.

Some episodes contain remakes of old sketches

Types of Sketches[]

  • Warner Siblings
  • Pinky & The Brain
  • Slappy Squirrel
  • Octo the Octopus
  • Good Idea Bad Idea
  • Mime Time


Season 1[]

  1. Better Animation/Octo the Octopus: The Octoning/Yakko’s Library
  2. Yakko’s World, Narf to the World, Hooked on the Ceiling, Wheel of Morality
  3. The Animaniacs Vault Part 1,2, and 3
  4. Wakko’s Diet/Win Big (Remade)/Cavegirl Slappy
  5. Father Warner/Raiders of the Lost Narf/Yakko’s Universe (Remade)
  6. Slappy Goes Walnuts (Remade)/Octo Tober/Wheel of Morality
  7. Yakko Attako/Wakko’s America (Remade)/Unnamed 6 Minute Cartoon (Warner Segment)
  8. Plane Pals (Remade)/Warner's Favorite Food Places (Song)/Free Ralphy/Wheel of Morality
  9. Yakko’s Wish/It’s a Warnerful Life/Horray for Slappy (Remade)
  10. The Animaniacs Vault II Part 1,2, and 3
  11. Battle of the Planet (Remade)/Octo Rocto/Hello Nurse Song (Remade)/Animaniacs-Tacks/Wheel of Morality
  12. Tanamaniacs/Sir Yakksalot (Remade)/Ani-Masterpiece Theater: Best of Wheel of Morality
  13. Video Revue (Remade)/Ani-Masterpiece Theater: Best of Great Wakkorotti/Octo Tik Tokko

Season 2[]

  1. Winner Winner Warner Dinner/Moby or No Moby (Remade)
  2. Warner of the Sea/Warner of the Sky
  3. Bumbie’s Mom (Remade)/Temporary Insanity (Remade)/Wheel of Morality
  4. Animaniacs Vault III Part 1, 2, and 3
  5. Jockey for Position (Remade)/Of Octo and Men/What are We (Remade)
  6. Of Cartoon and Men
  7. Animaniacs Vault IV Part 1, 2, and 3
  8. Critical Condition (Remade)/Three Muska-Warners (Remade)/Wheel of Morality
  9. Animaniacs Talk Show Pt. 1/Stinky and the Brain/Animaniacs Talk Show Pt. 2
  10. Anibrainiacs (Warners/Pinky and the Brain)/Slappy and Runt (Slappy/Rita and Runt)/Octomaniacs (Octo/Warners)