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Everytime That Animaniacs and Bluey Scenes Were Copied of By Original Shorts:

  • 1927: Trolley Troubles. In the Animaniacs and Bluey segment, "Calypso" there is a small scene when Wakkius Caesar is pretending to crank the pillow fort for space for chips to feed to his whole army. In Trolley Troubles, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cranks his trolley for passengers.
  • 1928: Steamboat Willie. In the Animaniacs and Bluey segment, "Barky Boats" Wakko is portraying Mickey Mouse as he's driving a steamboat in black and white.
  • 1929: Bosko: The Talk-Ink Kid. In the Animaniacs and Bluey segment "How to Act" Bandit asks Wakko what he can do ever since the 90s. Wakko did the same dance Bosko did after Friz Freleng to tells him what he can do (since the short was live action animation.