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This is the eleventh episode of Animaniacs and Bluey.



Fairies are bugging out the Heeler family (and Warners') house. Dad tries to stop them by dancing around the letterbox.


  • In this episode, Yakko says "Goodnight everybody" four times.



Pinky and the Brain try to rule the world by taking over Bluey's (formerly Bandit's) pretend work.


  • In this episode, Yakko makes a cameo and says "Goodnight Everybody" twice.

Bumpy, The Warners and the Wise Old Wolfhound[]


While Bingo is at the hospital, Bluey, Yakko, Bandit, Muffin, Stripe, Socks, Trixie, Dot, Pinky, Wakko, the Brain and the rest of the gang teach Bingo a life lesson.


  • Bluey as Barnicus
  • Yakko as Yaktain Warnerpants
  • Wakko as Wakko the Talk-Ink Kid/The Darn-fool Warner/Happy Wakko
  • Bandit as The Carrot Seller
  • Socks as Bumpy
  • Muffin as The Baker
  • Dot as Shooting Star and Baker's Apprentice


  • When Bluey says "I really want a puppy!", Yakko will say "Now that's dramatic" for the first time.
  • In this episode, Yakko says "Goodnight Everybody" 5 times.
  • Wakko's song in the episode is a reference to Happy Rabbit's (later to known as Bugs Bunny) song from 1939's "Hare-um Scare-um".
  • The stuart accent on Bluey is a reference to Bugs Bunny in 1941's "Elmer's Pet Rabbit".
  • Yakko does a dance in the episode that is the same dance a cat did in 1942's "The Hep Cat".

Bumpy, The Warners and the Wise Old Wolfhound Wheel of Morality[]

Yakko: It's that time again.

Wakko: To play with the Magic Xylophone.

Dot: To be as cute as possible.

Bluey: To be the boss.

Bingo: To wear purple underpants.

Yakko: No! It's time for the Wheel of Morality. Wheel of Morality turn, turn, turn. Tell us the lessons that we should learn. And the moral of today's story is ........... lesson 2 and 5. Bluey will you do the honors for lesson 5.

Bluey: Sure.

Yakko: Okay!

Bluey: Lesson 5: Being sick is just a part of life.

Yakko: Riiiiiiiiiiiight! Now it's time for me to do the honors. Lesson 2: If somebody somebody does something sooooooo distugting you just say "Goodnight Everybody!"