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Dragorillas are a type of species exclusive to "Animaniacs". They are a hybrid of gorilla and dragon, and are twice the size of a flying monkey from "The Wizard of Oz", whom I took inspiration from. They were also created the same day as Waldo and his guards.


Like Waldo's guards, they are loyal to Waldo, but can easily be outsmarted. However, they are far more intelligent than them, as they won't hesitate to follow Waldo's orders. Waldo prefers them a lot more.

Tropes (So far)

Animal Stampede

The Dragon - Dragons technically, since they are an army.

Flying Brick

Heel-Face Turn - At the end of "Wakko's Wish", the "Animaniacs" series finale and movie.

Just Following Orders

Maniac Monkeys

Right-Hand Attack Dog

Undying Loyalty


  • Ironically, the leader of the dragorillas is named "Nikko", who is also the name of the Wicked Witch's leader of the flying monkey troops.