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Dot Warner

Full Name:

Princess Angelina Contesa Louisa Fancesca Banana-Fanna Bo Besca III


Teen in show bible, 90 canon. 5 according to Animaniacs fan


Yakko (older brother), Wakko (older brother)





Hair/fur color



"Hello Nurse!!"
"Boys, (go fig)."
"Call me Dottie, and you die."
"It's just a little thing I do!"
"I can't help it if I'm cute!" (in Zany to the Max)

Voiced by:

Tress MacNeille (series), Barbara Tissier (French), Ikue Ohtani (Japanese), Parker Echegaray (Animaniacs: The Movie), hr (Zany to the Max)

Dot (voiced by Tress MacNeille), the youngest of the three, wears a pink skirt and a yellow flower bow tie in her ears.

Early Life[]

Dot Warner

How Dot appears in Zany to the Max

Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third (or just Dot Warner) was born in a flower on the 1st day of Spring (March 20, 1990) in Acme Falls, Warnerstock to Sir William the Good and Queen Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana-Fanna Bo Besca the Second. In 1992, however, her parents passed away, and King Salazar the Pushy took control, sending Dot and her two brothers, Yakko and Wakko, into exile, never expecting to see them again. Later, the Warners discovered that their parents had been the king and queen of Warnerstock, making them the heirs to the throne. Salazar was kicked out of the palace (literally), and the Warners became co-rulers of the kingdom. One day, their life was threatened, so they fled to Burbank, California, where they attracted the attention of a social worker and went into foster care a whole bunch of times. A year later they landed the Animaniacs which was a huge success until the cancellation in 1998 where they were replaced by Yokko, Wokka, and Dok.

She wears a pink skirt and a yellow flower bow tie in her ears and white gloves.